Duelling keytar...
Apollo Gets The Girl

Thanks to the internet, all eras are accessible with the click of a mouse.

It's created a very narrow mindset, one where a tightly defined notion of 'timeless' rules the roost. Some things, though, are still shunned to the sidelines, still relegated to the terminal dustbin known as naff.

An example? Keytars. One part keyboard and one part keyboard, this instrument is so closely attached to the 80s that it might as well organise a Miner's Strike and buy a replica John Barnes top.

Yet Apollo Gets The Girl seem to be fans. The video for new track 'Kitten' features not one but two keytars, duelling it out for keytar supremacy. It's a daring move and one they pull off.

The trio have an air of not taking themselves too seriously, of focussing on 'fun' rather than 'cool' and this helps them craft their own identity. Cinematic synth music for the party age, 'Kitten' is set to be self-released on March 4th.

Check out the video now.

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'Kitten' is set to be released on March 4th.


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