Anna Lena & The Orchids - View Of My Sanity

Turning heads...

Amidst the swirling morass of modern music, the notion of the song still holds a rare gravitas.

It's a remarkable achievement. Amidst the rush of technology, the birth and death of genres, fans seem to latch hold of something rounded, well crafted.

Listening to Anna Lena & The Orchids it's difficult not to be struck by the strength of their songwriting. There's a gothic sweep here, a grandeur wrapped in melancholy which recalls the likes of Bat For Lashes.

Yet the ensemble's idiosyncratic desires shine through. There's not a lot to go on - not yet, at any rate - but what Anna Lena & The Orchids have placed online has a bewitching, otherworldly sensibility.

Now ClashMusic are delighted to be able to host a new video from the group. 'View Of My Sanity' is the sound of an artist pushed to the edge, of a relationship coming apart at the seams. In contrast, though, the music is beautifully controlled, expertly pieced together.

Watch it now.

- - -

Filmed and edited by James Byrne
Styling by Noirin Egan Byrne
Make up by Akemi Kishida
Hairstyling by Akemi Kishida and Rodrigo Millone

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