Directed by Gaspar Noé

Reconnecting to their roots, Animal Collective's return has resulted in some of the most direct, visceral music of their career.

New album 'Centipede Hz' found the musicians re-discovering what it meant to operate as a band, with that energy fuelling recording sessions. Now director Gaspar Noé has tapped into that energy, matching his own vision to album highlight 'Applesauce'.

Initially a sweet hymn, 'Applesauce' is one of the most innocent moments on 'Centipede Hz'. So why has Gaspar Noé delivered such a dark clip?

We'll probably never know, but the visuals for 'Applesauce' are oddly unsettling. Slow moving, the music shifts and evolves while shapes - sometimes lips, sometimes the outline of a throat - move past, as slow as syrup falling from a spoon.

Already creating a stir amongst fans, the video stars Lindsey Wixson and features elements from Paul Sharits' 1968 short film 'N:O:T:H:I:N:G'.

Intriguingly, we have been told to watch the video in complete darkness...

- - -

Animal Collective are set to play Field Day on May 25th.


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