New video emerges...

The crowning of AlunaGeorge as pop royalty is one of 2013's more predictable events.

The duo have already netted a number one - albeit through association with Disclosure - and have been tipped for success by virtually every high profile voice in the land. All they need now is a killer single...

Which brings us neatly to 'You Know You Like It'. Three minutes of effortless charisma, R&B hooks and bass weight it's perhaps their most complete moment yet.

Out on July 22nd, the single is the perfect introduction to debut album 'Body Music'. The initial video for the single has gained more than two million views, leading to the duo filming a new clip.

Shot in colour - as opposed to the previous monochrome - it's a bright, vivid clip which doesn't shy away from their pop potential.

'You Know You Like It' is set to be released on July 22nd.

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