Directed by Emil Nava...

In this video for AlunaGeorge’s brand new single ‘Attracting Flies’, director Emil Nava whirls us through seven (and counting…) fairy tales with a modern-day twist.

Strutting through a council estate we find the American Apparel hoodie-clad Little Red Riding, while Rapunzel sits having her hair plaited in a ganja-harvesting den and Snow White makes an appearance with a gang of seven youts. The three bears become overweight leathered-up men spooning some rank porridge that, quite aptly, interests some buzzing flies.

It’s a sharply executed and incredibly detailed concept video, that has Aluna Francis adopting the main roles and George popping up as Red Riding’s granny and taking pains to extract a pill – not a pea - from the princess’s mattress.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Attracting Flies' is out now. Debut album 'Body Music' is set to be released on July 1st.

Words by Felicity Martin


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