Rose tinted glasses...

Allah-Las formed at a record shop.

A statement of fact, for sure, but nonetheless a loaded statement. It's one that conjures to mind a gang of record geeks, whose drive to emulate their collection outstrips any original idea they might have had before the purchasing began.

But in reality, this couldn't be further from the truth. Allah-Las are steeped in that mid 60s, Sunset Strip sound, but it's not a re-creation but an evocation; a hazy memory, a recollection, the past filtered through the expectations of the present.

Tattered, sun burned vignettes of garage pop, the band's debut album is out now. Highlight 'Vis-A-Vis' is like discovering an old photograph of your youth capturing a scene you recall but can't quite remember - all Byrds jangle and Seeds sneer, it remains thrillingly modern.

Given a full video, Michael from the band describes the song as being “about looking at a past relationship with rose-tinted glasses and feeling that things would be great if you had stayed together, yet knowing in your heart of hearts you would end up having the same problems that drove you apart in the first place”.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Allah-Las' is out now.

Photo Credit: Nick Walker


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