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Ireland boasts a rich, literary history.

The island has fostered a very individual relationship with words, resulting in countless poets, authors, critics. It's something which has fused with music, creating a space for unique new talent to gestate.

Adrian Crowley is the perfect example. With his low, warbling baritone and gentle laments his songwriting recalls the early work of Leonard Cohen, but there's a defiantly individual streak at work.

New album 'I See Three Birds Flying' is a case in point. His sixth to date (there's plenty to catch up on) it finds Adrian Crowley offering a series of carefully hewn vignettes which never shy away from being directly emotive.

'The Saddest Song' is an exercise in meta-songwriting; a song about writing a song, it locates Crowley in the throes of a break up, his feelings shredded and his eyes damp.

Chemikal Underground have kindly given us the video, watch it below.

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'The Saddest Song'.
And I turned away from the darkened window
To light the lantern on the night table
And opened up the virgin pages
And I tried to write
The Saddest Song In The World

And then I folded up
The tear soaked pages
Of careworn lines and forlorn phrases
Of shameless abandon
As if guided by the many hands
of The Disenchanted!
But I soon decided to let the pages fly
To the hands of another
And so I let them fly
And I tried to write
The Saddest Song In The World

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