Israeli rapper / producer...
Adi Ulmansky

How much longer will we have to sit through 'females in hip hop' think pieces?

OK. Right. We get it. Women make hip hop, too - a lot of them can rap, while some are even making their own beats. It's been this way for some time, folks, let's chill the hyperbole and get on with the music.

With Adi Ulmansky though, you can't help but reflect. An Israeli artist, she comes across as being empowered by a new generation of female artists, by the likes of Angel Haze, Ryat and countless others.

Already being tipped by those in the know, the rapper / producer is set to release new EP 'Hurricane Girl' on July 29th.

Ahead of this, though, Clash are able to bring you the clip for 'Gurl POWA'. The track itself is a fun, infectious ode to female empowerment, done with a wink and a nudge alongside no small measure of chutzpah.

Shot in an arcade, footage of Adi Ulmansky staring straight at the camera is matched to (we kid you not) a dancing bear.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Hurricane Girl' is set to be released on July 29th.

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