From 'Live At River Plate'

AC/DC are one of the last surviving rock bands. Without being nostalgic... they really don't make 'em like they used to. Sheer, unapologetic fun from start to finish the band's live sets can quicken the pulse like few other musical experiences.

Return-to-form studio album 'Black Ice' was released back in 2009, and prompted a typically epic bout of touring from the Australian giants including a few memorable dates here in the UK. Heading to South America, the band decided to take a camera crew along with them for the ride.

Captured in action at River Plate, Argentina the results are set to be gathered on the group's first official live album in 20 years. 'Live At River Plate' finds AC/DC on electrifying form. Rampaging through their hefty back catalogue, the band are fuelled by a rare energy which sends currents of raw electricity rippling through the enormous stadium crowd.

Out on November 19th, ClashMusic have been given a quick preview. In a UK exclusive we can show you a clip of AC/DC performing their timeless classic 'You Shook Me All Night Long' - with enough guts to put more young bands to shame.

Watch it below.


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