to compile a top 40 of 2008 want your tracks of the year. For real. This is no drill.

Which might strike some readers as a little odd, given it’s still October. But it takes time – a long time – to come to firm conclusions as to what are (and what aren’t) the best tracks of any year. And 2008 will be no different.

So, we’re looking for your suggestions, your votes if you will; drop us an e-mail listing your favourite tracks of 2008 (and a few words on why, if you like), and we’ll gradually come to a top 40 of 2008.

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The editorial team at, and Clash magazine, will be contributing too, but we’re inviting all readers to make their opinions heard before we reach the business end – the publication, here on, of the top 40 tracks of 2008.

Tracks can be singles, free downloads, videos, album tracks… heck, ringtones are okay by us so long as they’re classifiable as music. E-mail us your choices, and at the start of December will publish the results, taking into account both reader suggestions and the views of the editorial team.

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We look forward to seeing, and hearing, what our readership has to offer. In the meantime, how about these (off the top of the head!) for some suggestions…?

Why? – ‘Song of The Sad Assassin’

Kings Of Leon – ‘Sex On Fire’

The Bug – ‘Poison Dart’

Portishead – ‘Machine Gun’

Wild Beasts – ‘The Devil’s Crayon’

Coldplay – ‘Viva La Vida’

Johnny Foreigner - 'Salt, Peppa and Spinderella'

Radiohead – ‘Nude’

Send us your tracks of 2008 by e-mailing Deadline for suggestions is November 25.

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