The Bundles

Much-loved New York anti-folker Jeffrey Lewis has formed a band, The Bundles, with fellow indie icon Kimya Dawson, plus Jack Lewis, Anders Griffen and Karl Blau.

Avi Buffalo

Avi Buffalo is the brainchild of the splendidly named Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg (German mother/Jewish father). Originally from Long Beach, Avi and three school-friends make up the band.

The Features

Tennessee based quartet about to re-release their, previously self-released, 'Some Kind Of Salvation' album on the Kings Of Leon's 'Serpents And Snakes' imprint record label.

Washed Out

Currently working under the moniker Washed Out, Ernest Greene is a musical chameleon of sorts, an open-minded experimentalist who has in the past flitted between both instrumental hip-hop and lo-fi in


It’s been over three and a half years since the release of Texas quintet Midlake's critically acclaimed sophomore album, ‘The Trials Of Van Occupanther’.


Here’s a fresh concept - a Manchester band peddling guitar-strewn synth pop. Feeling faintly underwhelmed at such an idea? Then let MAY68 kick your ass all the way to the dancefloor.

Ok Go

Ok Go are an American rock band most famous for their music video for 'A Million Ways' involving treadmills which went viral across the internet.


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