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  1. Think Of You: Bleached

    The Clavin sisters chat to Clash... Features The ... still one of the best records I ever bought. Jessie- Velvet Underground, Jen and I had this neighbor who gave me a Velvet Underground tape ...

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  2. Download: Titus Andronicus Mixtape

    ... Andronicus LLC Mixtape Vol. 1'. With their 2010 release 'The Monitor' Titus Andronicus marked themselves out as one of the most ... (TV) Rehearsal recording, autumn 2011 20. Heroin (Velvet Underground) 11-piece lineup live at the home of Sam Franklin, ...

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  3. Classic Albums: Big Brother & the Holding Company - Cheap Thrills

    ... Janis Joplin’s voice practically breaks in two. It’s at the start of their cover of George Gershwin’s ‘Summertime’, when she ... Byrd Brothers’ Dr. John - ‘Gris Gris’ The Velvet Underground - ‘White Light/White Heat’ Johnny Cash - ‘At Folsom ...

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  4. Watch: John Cale - Welcome To Nookie Wood

    ... News John Cale has posted the video for his new track 'Welcome To Nookie Wood' - watch it now. John Cale's name is closely tied to the Velvet Underground. In reality, though, his spell in the group constitutes a ...

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  5. The Lost Tapes: Irmin Schmidt

    ... music." Features Can dreamt of the future. Born of an era where every day seemed to represent a new epoch, ... so much new things that were so interesting: meeting the Velvet Underground, and Steve Reich. That was a turning point because I saw ...

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  6. John Cage Returns With New Album

    ... year. John Cale isn't afraid to laugh at himself. The classically trained, Welsh born musician can strike an imposing figure, but during interviews the Velvet Underground legend can striking an endearing self-deprecating tone. ...

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  7. Fifty Outsiders : 1 - 10

    ... Ra to Syd Barrett Features Read the first part of Kris Needs' Fifty Outsiders, a departure point for your own ... by his circus of freaks and superstars. 7. THE VELVET UNDERGROUND By the time the Summer of Love was in full bloom, the ...

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  8. Bonnaroo 2012

    ... two types of music. Country. And Western. “Hell yeah,” the Country Music Association might say, contiguously taking over Nashville for ... Dirty Guv’nahs rolled out ‘Hey Jude’, Phish belted out Velvet Underground’s ‘Rock and Roll’, The Roots vamped out Kool and the ...

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  9. Nick Cave In New Soundtrack Project

    ... News Nick Cave is to assist in crafting the soundtrack for upcoming Prohibition era movie 'Lawless'. Nick Cave ... bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley blasting his way through The Velvet Underground's 'White Light / White Heat'. Willie Nelson appears, ...

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  10. Classic Albums: The Mothers Of Invention - Absolutely Free

    ... 1967 on Verve Records, just one year after ‘Freak Out’, the Mothers’ feral, audaciously progressive debut, ‘Absolutely Free’ ... Buttons’ The Byrds - ‘Younger Than Yesterday’ The Velvet Underground - ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’ music ...

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