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  1. Fifty Outsiders : 1 - 10

    ... Ra to Syd Barrett Features Read the first part of Kris Needs' Fifty Outsiders, a departure point for your own ... by his circus of freaks and superstars. 7. THE VELVET UNDERGROUND By the time the Summer of Love was in full bloom, the ...

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  2. Download: Titus Andronicus Mixtape

    ... Andronicus LLC Mixtape Vol. 1'. With their 2010 release 'The Monitor' Titus Andronicus marked themselves out as one of the most ... (TV) Rehearsal recording, autumn 2011 20. Heroin (Velvet Underground) 11-piece lineup live at the home of Sam Franklin, ...

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  3. Classic Albums: The Mothers Of Invention - Absolutely Free

    ... 1967 on Verve Records, just one year after ‘Freak Out’, the Mothers’ feral, audaciously progressive debut, ‘Absolutely Free’ ... Buttons’ The Byrds - ‘Younger Than Yesterday’ The Velvet Underground - ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’ music ...

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  4. ATP - I'll Be Your Mirror

    ... Curated by Mogwai Reviews After the cilia-bashing antics within the first evening of this little brother to the ... festival deliberately named after a b-side (the flip to The Velvet Underground's 'All Tomorrow's Parties'), Sunday skates perilously close ...

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  5. Festival Fashion: Camden Crawl Special

    Featuring Charli XCX, The Alpines and more... Features Festivals act as an ... EVERYTHING. Glitter / ball gowns / Doc Martins / feathers / velvet / furs. And if it's themed - take it to the next level! Lady ...

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  6. Voyage Of Discography: Young Magic

    "I booked a one-way ticket out of the country..." Features Travel, supposedly, broadens ... art school my first real interests were bands like The Velvet Underground and Talking Heads. I was getting into making music and ...

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  7. Moe Tucker Has Joined The Tea Party

    Velvet Underground star confirms rumours News Former Velvet ... drummer Moe Tucker has confirmed that she has joined the Tea Party. The recent rumours about Moe Tucker's political stance ...

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  8. Stream: Tom Williams & The Boat - Teenage Blood

    Listen to the full album... Features The ongoing wave of ... bum-out-drone. Lyrically inspired by Loaded album by The Velvet Underground, and signaling an added vocal focus to the end of the record, the ...

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  9. 10 Things You Never Knew About... Patti Smith

    The lesser-known history of the Godmother of punk rock Features ... album ‘Horses’. She chose him not just because of the Velvet Underground link, but because of the raw sound of his solo records. The pair ...

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  10. The Flaming Lips Talk Six Hour Song

    "It's like the The Velvet Underground meets Super Mario Brothers" News The ...

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