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  1. Hinterland Interviews - Sons And Daughters and Eugene McGuinness

    Behind the scenes at the Glasgow festival... Features Clash ... always been that bands such as The Beach Boys and The Velvet Underground are huge, specifically here. Not that they’re not big elsewhere ...

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  2. Diesel:U:Music world tour

    ... Features Having gathered the great and the good of London’s music scene in Greenwich super club Matter ... to a final crescendo in the form of early release ‘Velvet.’ On stage the duo cut very different figures, as Robbie writhes ...

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  3. Phoenix

    ... Phoenix are engaged with heavy rehearsals at the moment, gearing up for some live dates to showcase their beefy new record. ... describes with glee his fascination for bands such as The Velvet Underground and The Stooges. Yet he refused to idolise any particular ...

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  4. Cross Section Download Album

    ... effort to continually seduce your ears, Clash has rounded up the cream of the music that is spoken about in this issue and slapped it on a ... band, they reinforced this when they managed to play as The Velvet Underground in the 1996 film I Shot Andy Warhol. Here, they tread an ...

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  5. Classic Album: Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures

    ... into iconic t-shirt fodder, and its echo-driven production the sound of every wannabe indie hipster, ‘Unknown Pleasures’ has been ... of Bernard Sumner, the track takes the dark tones of The Velvet Underground and melts them into thick black tar. When Curtis intones ...

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  6. So Far, So Good - 2009's Best Albums To Date (Part 4)

    ... Our fourth top ten list of albums of 2009 so far – it’s the halfway point in the year, y’see – comes from Clash deputy editor ... sublime electronica, folk, post-rock and ambient, its velvet corridors have witnessed some of the most beautiful music these blessed ...

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  7. In The City - Best of the Rest

    ... Features Continuing his trawl through the talent fest that was this year's In The City, James Masters picks out some ... early R& B influenced Rolling Stones, Zeppelin, and the Velvet Underground here. Although the style could be termed regressive, the ...

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  8. OMD Interview - Part Two

    ... with Andy McCluskey Features The grandiose and evocative name of Orchestral Maneuovres In The Dark has ... German electronic music, Brian Eno, Roxy Music and the Velvet Underground. We forged our cultural identity and Cultural Revolution 30 ...

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  9. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz!

    Album three from the NYC trio... Reviews This third album finds Yeah ... guitar of old. Using the same beauty in darkness formula The Velvet Underground delivered on ‘After Hours’, the song is deceptively simplistic. ...

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  10. The Enemy are here to change your lives!

    ... later, as every town and city up and down Britain witnesses the devastating effects of another financial downturn, The Enemy are ... of music from the most over-produced Eighties stuff to The Velvet Underground. I think that in recent years of being on tour, because you ...

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