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  1. To Rococo Rot: A Map Of Influence

    ... years. Considered, intricate and operating miles out of the comfort zone afforded by the digital age, these are three musicians who ... with La Monte Young - who then became influential with the Velvet Underground - and when she went to London and met John Lennon she proved ...

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  2. Jarvis Cocker Charity Show

    ... career. Debut solo album 'Jarvis' is set to be following by the forthcoming release of 'Further Complications' some of which was debuted on ... by the likes of Talking Heads, Bruce Springsteen and The Velvet Underground. The singer was joined by the likes of I Am Kloot, Stephen ...

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  3. Ten Years of ATP

    With Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Mars Volta and more! Features Barry Hogan's ... a cult indie institution. Providing a space for the musical underground to congregate and orchestrating a leftfield revolution in the ... to cover the festival’s heralded musical inspiration—The Velvet Underground’s ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’—earned the band a ...

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  4. The Big Pink

    Derailing the rock rulebook Features Unlike most ‘mates ... taking their highly inspired interests – “hip-hop, The Velvet Underground and Dennis Cooper (the writer, performer and sexual fantasist ...

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  5. Jon Savage

    ... culture. His articles on punk and post-punk music in the late 70s still stand as definitive documents on the period. His report on ... a couple of weeks saying, and I quote “too much like The Velvet Underground”. So there you go… Q – One of the common ...

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  6. Cross Section Album Download May

    ... though it’s our birthday, we thought it’d be fun to buck the trend and give our lovely readers a gift instead! All of the following ... ‘I’ll Be With You’. It makes us think of a forgotten Velvet Underground cut from the early days. Crystal Stilts ‘The ...

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  7. Diesel:U:Music world tour

    ... Features Having gathered the great and the good of London’s music scene in Greenwich super club Matter ... to a final crescendo in the form of early release ‘Velvet.’ On stage the duo cut very different figures, as Robbie writhes ...

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  8. Hinterland Interviews - Sons And Daughters and Eugene McGuinness

    Behind the scenes at the Glasgow festival... Features Clash ... always been that bands such as The Beach Boys and The Velvet Underground are huge, specifically here. Not that they’re not big elsewhere ...

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  9. Cross Section Download Album

    ... effort to continually seduce your ears, Clash has rounded up the cream of the music that is spoken about in this issue and slapped it on a ... band, they reinforced this when they managed to play as The Velvet Underground in the 1996 film I Shot Andy Warhol. Here, they tread an ...

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  10. Classic Album: Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures

    ... into iconic t-shirt fodder, and its echo-driven production the sound of every wannabe indie hipster, ‘Unknown Pleasures’ has been ... of Bernard Sumner, the track takes the dark tones of The Velvet Underground and melts them into thick black tar. When Curtis intones ...

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