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  1. David Bowie Thinks 'Lulu' Is Lou Reed's Greatest Work

    ... Laurie Anderson – Lou Reed's widow – revealed that the British singer reckons it's Reed finest hour. Speaking to Lou Reed's ... "I made my first eye contact with Lou, dancing to the Velvet Underground when they were playing upstairs at Max’s Kansas City in ...

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  2. Death And Vanilla - To Where The Wild Things Are

    ... Sweden's Death And Vanilla have all the makings of a great cult band. They prioritise vinyl (coloured, natch) ... evoke everything from Czech cinema soundtracks to The Velvet Underground channelled through their own uniquely distorted lens.It's ...

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  3. Leon Bridges Announces Debut Album

    ... horns, guest vocals – it was an impressive show. Capturing the velvet grit of 50s and 60s R&B, Leon Bridges had a charisma which was all his ...

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  4. Foundations: Simian Mobile Disco

    ... any pigeon-hole, any genre-tag placed against them. The duo – Jas Shaw and James Ford – emerged from the wreckage of an indie ... quality when voiced in this way. - - - The Velvet Underground And Nico - 'The Velvet Underground And Nico' I could ...

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  5. Influences: Echo Lake

    ... almost painfully shy sense of introversion. Since then, the band have developed a broader, more open voice. Debut album 'Wild Peace' ... gritty, warm and experimental. - - - The Velvet Underground - 'I Found A Reason' I'll always try and include any ...

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  6. Premiere: Myles Manley - 'I Love Her Family'

    ... Myles Manley is something of a unique figure. Born in the UK but raised in Sligo, the rising artist studied mathematics before ... is under-pinned by a riff which is equal parts Pavement and Velvet Underground. Yet there's a folk touch to the songwriting, an ...

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  7. Live Report: HVN300 - Heavenly Recordings' 25th Anniversary Weekend

    ... A birthday bash at the Trades Club… Reviews The Trades Club in the ... racket, The Voyeurs  channelled distorted Velvet Underground intent, and Mark Lanegan  was a dark, vampiric ...

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  8. Premiere: Virginia Wing - 'Meshes'

    ... continue to impress... News The problem with terms such as post-punk or indie pop is that they are such ... to themselves. Reference points include Young Marble Giants, Velvet Underground, Neu! and more, but - realistically - the London newcomers ...

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  9. John Cale - 'If You Were Still Around'

    ... and John Cale enjoyed their ups and downs. The duo helped power The Velvet Underground, before surprising fans by re-uniting in the late 80s for ...

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  10. To Rococo Rot - Instrument

    ... admirers expect, and it’s delivered. However, the brothers Lippok, on synths and guitars, bolstered by admirable bass ... whereas ‘Classify’ suggests Doug Yule-era Velvet Underground . Thumping Mark Hollis-style piano and ominous scuttling ...

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