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  1. A Bad Romance: Valentine's Film Fails

    ... torture you until you die. Ok, so maybe that’s not the exact synopsis of Takashi Miike’s memorably unpleasant ... Joe Pesci puts the Wise Guy moves on Sharon Stone. The world's greatest stories are love stories; yet sadly not all ...

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  2. Noel Gallagher: Oasis Would Re-Unite For The Money

    ... Parting company in acrimonious circumstances, the demise of Oasis was almost immediately followed by speculation about an ... a possibility. But only for the money." “Look at The Stone Roses. When you’re constantly getting asked if you’re going to ...

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  3. The Stone Roses - Live At Heaton Park (June 30th)

    ... View ClashMusic's gallery of photos from The Stone Roses' triumphant gig at Heaton Park on Saturday 30th June 2012. The ...

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  4. Live Report: Way Out West, Gothenburg

    ... in Gothenburg, Sweden, Way Out West is one of the more scenically attractive city festivals on the European circuit. Taking ... profile is making perfect sense. Queens Of The Stone Age, by Olle Kirchmeier Queens Of The Stone Age have ...

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  5. Red Hot Chili Peppers: The Complete Guide

    ... Features From strip clubs to the Superbowl, the spectacular ascent of LA’s funk rockers Red Hot ... by bright P-Funk horns, while a brassy cover of Sly Stone’s ‘If You Want Me To Stay’ is positively cosmic. ‘Nevermind’ ...

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  6. Playlist: Eugene McGuinness

    ...  is back with a new LP for Domino, ‘Chroma’. The set features none other than Tom Herbert and Leo Taylor on bass and drums ... to peel me off the ceiling.” - - - The Stone Roses – ‘I Am The Resurrection’ “If the last one's about ...

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  7. The Stone Roses For Sandro

    ... The Parisian brand pays tribute to the Fashion Lea ... forthcoming four-piece range featuring artwork from The Stone Roses , launching next month. Founded in Paris in 1984 – five ...

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  8. Listen: Public Access T.V. - Middle Child

    ... brattish new track... News The experiences in childhood can form a person for the rest of their life. ... Child' opens with a drum beat which cheekily apes The Stone Roses' 'I Am The Resurrection' before settling in a noisy garage punk ...

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  9. Win: Tickets To Reading Or Leeds Festival 2014

    ... bill is big, likes... Win Is it the daddy of UK festivals? Depends who you ask. But what we know, for sure: ... Kurt Cobain’s iconic wheelchair arrival in 1992, to The Stone Roses’ meltdown in 1996 and the Beastie Boys and The Prodigy squabbling ...

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  10. The Stone Roses - Live At Heaton Park (June 29th)

    ... Features View a photo gallery from the first night of the reformed Stone Roses run of gigs at Heaton Park. The band, Ian Brown, John Squire, ...

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