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  1. OTW #487: Drowners

    ... and attention in so little time. This band hadn’t had the time to fully set up their social media before they were asked by Justin ... (drums). Their music dynamics - being influenced by The Smiths, and current Coachella headliners Blur, The Stone Roses, and New Order 0 ...

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  2. European Me: Johnny Marr

    ... Even discarding his role in A Certain Iconic Indie Group, the guitarist has – in the past decade alone – provided guitar craft for ... stuff” he admits. “But I was like that way back in The Smiths, that was my job. It’s only when I’ve been in someone else’s band ...

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  3. Electronic's Debut Album To Be Re-Issued

    ... this year. Electronic were a true supergroup. Departing The Smiths, guitarist Johnny Marr decided he needed a new project - opting to look ...

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  4. Morrissey Hospitalised With Bleeding Ulcer

    ... has been hospitalised with a bleeding ulcer, forcing the singer to postpone several American tour dates. The past few months ... intervened. Across the weekend reports emerged that the Smiths legend had been hospitalised in Royal Oak, Michigan where he was ...

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  5. A Letter From... Manchester #3

    ... time of it up here recently as everyone’s been sitting on the sofa watching people in London dancing around on horses, diving into pools, ... at Manchester Arena. Apparently he was upset that The Smiths weren’t included in Danny Boyle’s musical montage at the opening ...

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  6. Singles Round Up - January 14th

    Featuring Factory Floor, PEACE, The Heartbreaks and more... Features A guitar is a ... hard graft, taking their swooning, epic take on literate Smiths style indie across the country countless times over. 'Hand On Heart' ...

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  7. House Of Love Prepare New Album

    ... their new album 'She Paints Words In Red' on April 1st. The current indie pop boom has shone a light on the scene's origins, helping to ... real sense of musicianship. Emerging in the wake of The Smiths demise, the band were - briefly - the hottest property in British indie ...

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  8. Label Profile: Kitsuné

    ... "...what will be the scene of tomorrow." Features Kitsuné is 10 ... I was very into it. I was a fan of the Happy Mondays, The Smiths, The Stone Roses and more dancey stuff like the KLF. It’s what I was ...

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  9. The Weeknd - Live At The Supper Club, London

    ... Having just re-released his trilogy of mixtapes to the masses in a legitimate three disc box-set (as opposed to a free ... the crowd to a performance of barely released ‘The Smiths’ sampling song ‘Enemy’, which he reveals he wrote and recorded ...

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  10. Top Ten - Songs With Whistling

    ... lip-on-lip action! Videos Ah the humble human voice, that most basic of instruments that (almost) all of us ... on their 'Eye Know' track. How Soon Is Now – The Smiths Not an obvious one but listen and it's there. Yes, even the ...

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