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  1. Black Kids Interview

    ... Features Within hours Regi Youngblood, the pensively spoken, fuzzy toped, cool cat from pop sensation Black Kids will ... any others? R: Yeah they’re all old school, The Smiths, Stone Roses, Suede and Cinerama, like that kind of stuff. C: ...

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  2. Write On: Stuart Maconie

    ... 1. Top interview tactic no.1 (what not to do): In the mid 1980s I was at college harbouring desires to become an NME writer in ... directly to me. It said something to me about my life. (The Smiths – ‘This Charming Man’) 7. Say what you believe: I have ...

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  3. Write On: Pete Wiggs

    Reflecting on the glory of Nineties Britpop Features Ramble, rant ... these groups. The Kinks, The Beatles, Wire, David Bowie, The Smiths etc. And you can’t knock that.’’ music ...

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  4. Moshi Moshi – 10 years of the sublime Underground

    Possibly the finest UK indie Features Possibly the finest UK indie to have grown up over the last 10 years Moshi Moshi is the ... Moshi: ELO and Neil Diamond, Daft Punk and Lil Louis, The Smiths and My Bloody Valentine, Bob Dylan and Bill Callaghan, Pavement and the ...

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  5. Personality Clash: King Creosote vs Gruff Rhys

    The old friends enjoy a chat Features Gruff Rhys and ... many of this year’s soggy festivals. With both the most recent Super Furry Animals and King Creosote albums flying off the ... songs. Back then, I was into things like Talk Talk and The Smiths, as well as The Jam and a lot of Scottish indie bands. Mind you, I never ...

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  6. Six Pack - February 2009

    The month's best LPs including The Prodigy, Lily Allen and Trail of Dead... Features ... the review: “Almost 25 years after The Smiths swept the country off its feet, turning everyone casually vegetarian and ...

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  7. In The City - Best of the Rest

    ... Features Continuing his trawl through the talent fest that was this year's In The City, James Masters picks out some ... tune “God Dammit Leroy” which follows the well worn Smiths / Killers’ take on modern guitar bands but Linda’s Nephew return to ...

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  8. Top Ten - Festival Rumours

    ... Features It seems no sooner has the last tent been abandoned amongst a sea of mud, topped with sporadic Kate ... IT YET BABY - 2007 Twenty years after splitting, The Smiths reportedly turned down nearly £3million to reform for last year’s ...

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  9. Frequency Festival - Part Two

    ... to a truly spectacular barrage of noise. Meanwhile, along the sides of this vast hanger, numerous tired souls manage to sleep right ... the last few days, and one smaller room where we catch the Smiths’ Andy Rourke gently knocking out a few old Madchester classics via the ...

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  10. Schneider TM

    ... heart" Features Returning with the long-awaited follow-up to 2002’s ‘Zoomer’, Schneider TM’s creator ... acclaimed covers such as ‘Light 3000’, his take on The Smiths’ ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’, he was suggested as a ...

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