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  1. The Band

    According to George Harrison, better than The Beatles. The Band are one of the most important and ...

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  2. A Hard Day's Night

    Katie Kaars Features ...

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  3. Liam Gallagher

    The Voice Features It’s the first interview of the day, and Clash is excitedly apprehensive. ... going somewhere, so you gotta move on, man. In The Beatles Anthology documentary, McCartney declared that he was so proud that all ...

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  4. Gem Archer

    The Guitarist Features In a group of tempestuous temperaments, Gem Archer stands out as the rock in a sea of madness. He is everyone’s best friend, and is ... a psychedelic whirl of sitars that evoke the newly lysergic Beatles of ’66, from which the album title was lifted - a tribute, if one was ...

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  5. Franz Ferdinand-The Band-John Cale

    ... this issue… Franz Ferdinand It's getting better all the time for... “There’s quite a good sight,” says Alex Kapranos, ... they were, according to George Harrison, better than the Beatles. they are, quite simply, The Band. John Cale Count your chickens ...

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  6. The Clash Live

    On the release of the 'Live at Shea Stadium' set Features The Clash ... Kosmo Vinyl's showboating introduction. Famous for The Beatles 'Beatlemania' shows, Shea Stadium was the home of the New York Mets ...

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  7. The Byrds

    ... folk-rock to psychedelic-rock In the decade that spanned The Byrds’ existence, the band found themselves ... cast-offs, mixing his lyrics with the guitar pop of The Beatles. Through the Swinging Sixties they dominated the American charts, ...

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  8. Cat The Dog

    "edgy, spiky, deafening" The band, all aged around 21, are putting the finishing touches to their debut ... by teenaged years in curtain-clad bedrooms listening to Beatles and Beach Boys, New York Dolls and Television, as well as Chris’ new ...

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  9. AK Momo

    ... Anna Karin von Malmborg. Together they create music that’s the aural equivalent of twinkling Christmas lights, based on a trove of arcane ... Radiohead and Portishead and which most famously graced the Beatles’ ‘Strawberry Fields’, not to mention envelope-stretching ‘60s ...

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  10. Andrew Loog Oldham

    From The Stones to ITC Andrew Loog Oldham began his career as a PR man for The Beatles before taking the fledgling Rolling Stones under his wing, famously ...

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