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  1. Keane reveal their Perfect return

    ... album yet Features While the hopes Sussex trio Keane spoke of on their debut album were realised ... as among the 20 best UK albums of all time, alongside the Beatles and Radioheads of this world. How much of a headfuck was that? ...

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  2. Songs For Saint George: A Patron Saint Playlist

    ... to submit songs that reminded them most of England, whether the country’s their home or not. And here’s a selection of the suggestions ...   @c4lif0rnication suggests: The Beatles, ‘I Am The Walrus’   @spider_meringue ...

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  3. Clash Does Coachella 2013

    We head to the second weekend of California's biggest desert disco... Reviews The Californian desert burns with white heat. The horizon rises into mountains; ... foursome perhaps a contender for the title of America’s Beatles. Tunes are laced with jangling reverb, and the structure of their ...

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  4. Tom Jones Songwriting Woes

    ... Rate His Abilities News Talking in the latest issue of Clash , Welsh legend Tom Jones reveals his low ... of any real value." He also reveals his opinion on The Beatles and The Rolling Stones ...they're small! The two were talking ...

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  5. The Charlatans-The Beta Band-The Shins

    ... Features Featured in this issue… The Charlatans From baggy to Britpop and back again From Los Angeles to ... Grand Prix; Gumball Rally ARCHIVE PHOTO SHOOT The Beatles Album Reviews The Faces Jim White Keane Modest ...

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  6. Andy Bell

    The Bass Player Features Quietly spoken and darkly understated, Andy Bell is the unassuming and humble bass player in Oasis. Like George Harrison in The Beatles, he is overshadowed by two far more outspoken bandmates, but certainly ...

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  7. Paul McCartney

    ... Paul McCartney. His 45-year career has played out in the glare of the world’s media, more so now than ever, but meanwhile everyone ... partnership with John Lennon, Paul McCartney was half of The Beatles songwriting powerhouse making them the incredible phenomenon they were, ...

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  8. Daisy Lowe

    At the Sony Ericsson FanWalk Features Clash recently caught up with Daisy Lowe at the Sony Ericsson FanWalk, a 400km journey for 100 music fans from across ... pilgrimage. Daisy:  It’s a huge music hub.  The Beatles are from there.  (laughs)  I think it’s really cool MTV are kind of ...

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  9. The Band

    According to George Harrison, better than The Beatles. The Band are one of the most important and ...

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  10. A Hard Day's Night

    Katie Kaars Features ...

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