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  1. The Walkman - 30th Anniversary Memories

    ... it or not, Sony’s Walkman was first made available to the public exactly 30 years ago today – today being July 1, 2009. It was ... lack of a rewind button. Loved the Top Gun talking book and Beatles compilations. Succeeded by free airplane headphones. 1992-94: ...

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  2. The Bees

    ... of what’s good." Features The law of the sea can strike itself as an apt metaphor for the ebb and flow of ... Texan guitar riff, it dives straight into a Ringo-inspired Beatles melody full of humour. A change in direction for The Bees is in their ...

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  3. The Kooks

    ... knowing smirks capturing fond memories. Clash and The Kooks go way back, and there’s lots to catch up on, but something is ... would like to think that we are trying to be a band like The Beatles, where we just try and do everything and unashamedly sing pop songs. I ...

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  4. Kanye West

    ... just north of splenetic. Managing to bag a few minutes with the reigning hip-hop don in his hotel room shortly before taking to the stage, ... thing that pops into my mind, like the average person, is a Beatles song - but actually it’s probably something like Whitney Houston’s ...

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  5. The Aliens

    ... be nice to get this stage over.” Having caught up with The Aliens on the final date of their debut tour in a wet and windy Brighton, ... for days. However, on record The Aliens sound more like The Beatles at their most experimental than The Beta Band ever did, and this is ...

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  6. The Guillemots

    ... local toilet venue without risking a near-fatal slash across the forehead from some young blade’s razor-sharp fringe, and you can feel ... unmix it.” Warming to his theme, Fyfe continues: “On The Beatles’ stuff, you can hear the dropped notes and tape joins. It’s much ...

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  7. Leeds Festival - Day Three

    ... It's been five years since Metallica muscled their way to the top of mother England's mighty Reading and Leeds Festival bill. Back ... to the West End if of course it wasn't for the mud. There's Beatles suits and ties, a string quartet and a theatrical blood red velvet ...

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  8. The Kooks

    ... not trying to be celebrities. I think with our music, the stuff that we’re writing at the moment, there’s a lot of stuff we’re ... it was like an awards ceremony. I felt like we were in The Beatles, it was fucking insane. We were being chased by all these screaming ...

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  9. Virgin Festival - Day Two

    ... my day with my favourite Winnipeg literary pop genius’, the Weakerthans. Front man John K Samson sang anecdotes in his oh-so-memorable ... if this is the closest I’ll ever get to seeing the Beatles. Pretty sad I know, but true. When they chose to close their set with ...

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  10. The Doors

    ... In early 1967, John Peel started playing tracks from the debut album by a new Californian group called The Doors. With no knowledge ... together. We’re going all the way with this thing. The Beatles, the Stones, in between are going to be The Doors!” We got to Madison ...

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