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  1. The Thrills

    ... Features Four summers ago the radio waves were awash with the sun-kissed sound of The Thrills, their ... or books you’re reading. I was kind of enjoying the early Beatles songs. The original idea was an album called ‘Teenager’, and ‘I ...

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  2. Personality Clash: Murray Lightburn vs. Martha Wainwright

    The Dears talk with felow saint Martha Features Both hail from Montreal, the city of saints. When Clash brought the two together, they had a lot to ... ML: The first track of your LP reminds me of The Beatles, while the second of Frank Sinatra. Would you consider your music all ...

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  3. James Burton

    ... Features James Burton has literally avoided the spotlight for most of his life. Although an iconic guitarist and ... a very fruitful period for music, but the arrival of The Beatles meant that the emphasis was on groups with original material. Did you ...

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  4. Kanye West Interviewed

    ... our cover star Features With the confidence of a superstar and the music to match, while his country is ... come out and say that their new album is better than the Beatles. You can’t say that! Those songs are thirty years old. That’s ...

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  5. Tiny Dancers

    ... a lovely time? That first bolt of sunlight pokes through the clouds and suddenly it’s all short-sleeved shirts, sunglasses and ... Johansen. “We’re really into stuff like Radiohead, The Beatles and all that too, I guess they just don’t filter through to our tunes ...

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  6. Cat The Dog

    ... in your pocket? Well, if you’re anything like the two Toronto boys from Cat The Dog, you’ll worry about the consequences ... by teenaged years in curtain-clad bedrooms listening to Beatles and Beach Boys, New York Dolls and Television, as well as Chris’ new ...

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  7. Laura Marling & Mystery Jets

    at the iTunes Live London Sessions Reviews Beneath a big ... gather pace as she taps along to her melodies. “I changed the key without telling Marcus,” she says wryly of her background musician, ... down," croons Blaine. With the ring-a-ding catchiness of a Beatles track, it is one of their best. And they keep them coming. A sight to ...

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  8. Cage the Elephant

    ... soon will Features Usually if the A&R hordes are packed into a venue looking at their Blackberrys pretending ... rock and roll.” Namechecking Hendrix, Led Zep, The Beatles, Talking Heads and The Clash, Cage The Elephant’s energy is more ...

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  9. APSE - Track By Track

    ... an alternative to? Most alt rock groups are scoring high on the Billboard charts these days, with British fans swarming to the likes of ... I'm nearly 28. It took me a long time to get a grip on the Beatles for whatever reason. And even when I did it took me a long time to ...

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  10. Razorlight

    Welcome back the kings of confidence Features So the meek will inherit the Earth? On the eve of their Second Coming, Razorlight ... supplement, we discuss the individual coolness of The Beatles, concluding that George Harrison was always the coolest. Andy’s ...

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