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  1. McCartney On Pirate Bay

    ... Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has been discussing the controversial trial involving the Pirate Bay programmers, claiming their ... labels are still adjusting to the web explosion, with The Beatles back catalogue for example not even available on iTunes. But on the ...

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  2. Monsters Of Folk Get Haunted

    ... it seems. After decades of hurtful memories caused by the likes of Emerson, Lake And Palmer artists across the world are pooling ... tribute EP . Combining covers from throughout the late Beatles' career the forthcoming EP will be released under the name 'Yim Yames'. ...

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  3. Jay-Z Interview

    ... story Features Currently gracing the cover of the latest issue of Clash magazine, Jay-Z is the hottest property ... go on to say that no one is bigger than you apart from The Beatles. Do you feel a need to come back and state that you’re here and ...

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  4. La Roux In Chart Blast

    ... against her competitors, despite her singer riding high in the charts. La Roux has been one of the year's most successful newcomers. ... the other side is the classier side such as David Bowie, The Beatles, Prince and Michael Jackson." "I just feel like this side is ...

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  5. Brit Award Nominations 2010 - Full List

    ... Kasabian scoop nominations News The full list of nominations for this year's Brit Awards have been ... Hold Your Hand'/ 'A Hard Day’s Night'/ 'She Loves You' Beatles medley (1994) The Who - 'Who Are You' (1988) music ...

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  6. Loney, Dear

    ... one-man band Loney, Dear (Emil Svanangen) is currently in the midst of a bidding war between four major record labels thanks to his new ... been into rock bands at all. It was only old stuff like The Beatles and jazz that influenced me,” the affable idealist told me. “I ...

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  7. Brit Awards 2010

    A look at the nominees Features It's that time of the year again when music breaks out of its ghetto for two full hours on prime ... Girls - Wannabe/Who Do You Think You Are Take That - Beatles Medley The Who - Who Are You More back slapping with an award for ...

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  8. The Futureheads Examined Pt.1

    The Futureheads on… Being Dropped Features At the end of 2006, The Futureheads were ceremoniously dumped by their label. ... because it’ll never happen. They sold more copies than The Beatles in the first week their album was released. Yeah, it’s not a ...

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  9. Poney Poney's Guide To Paris

    The French band show Clash around their hometown Features Poney Poney's Paris, the city of lights, romance and revolution, is a hard place to shake. ... already. But I think it’s really only Michael Jackson, The Beatles and Nirvana. And that’s it. I really like Late Of The Pier for ...

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  10. 'My Way' Track By Track

    Ian Brown gives the lowdown on his new album Features Interviewed in the new issue of Clash magazine, King Monkey Ian Brown returns with album ... Dylan, pretty much every Rage Against The Machine song, The Beatles... “Mentalist, that’s ridiculous innit, that’s a joke ...

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