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  1. Grime 2.0: Inspirations

    ... hit-makers... Features Amidst the continued chaos, grime's stylistic evolution over the last couple of years ... inspired them to get into the world of producing - even The Beatles made the list... - - Slackk:   Waifer - Schoolage ...

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  2. Washed Out Confirms New Album 'Paracosm'

    ... Greene, Washed Out first reached a wider audience through the whirlpool of the short-lived chillwave buzz. However right from the start ... underpinned numerous classic psychedelic cuts, including The Beatles' 'Strawberry Fields Forever'. Adding a lush, almost psychedelic ...

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  3. First Thoughts: Boards Of Canada: Tomorrow's Harvest

    ... is a mechanised wink, a programmed nudge, a pun built for the future. As ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ moves on, it becomes quickly ... Fields Forever’ – Boards Of Canada’s most direct Beatles reference to date. ‘Sundown’ Well, with a title like ...

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  4. Clash Premiere: Wolf People - Empty Vessels

    ... remains - in many ways - a European artefact. The product of rock 'n' roll colliding with new technology, the indulgences ... cosmonauts such as The Zombies, The Pretty Things, The Beatles and the Pink Floyd. Yet that lineage still continues. Wolf People ...

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  5. OTW #497: Bishop Nehru

    ... Sweet 16 with a smooth flow, Clash meets the rising teen rapper... Features New York’s ... work. Clash suggests he is to rap what Brian Wilson, or The Beatles, might be to rock. “Brian who? Seriously, I’m not being funny, ...

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  6. Wu-Tang Clan: A Clash Top Ten

    Clash counts down the very best cuts to be branded with the Wu-Tang seal of approval... ... – ‘Save Me Dear’ (Taken from the 'Wu-Tang vs The Beatles: Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers' mixtape) This mixtape has been ...

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  7. OTW #494: Sulk

    ... but Sulk singer Jonathan Sutcliffe can’t not address the similarities between his group and The Stone Roses. In the lead up to the ... cuts. The former manages to remind the listener of The Beatles in subtly psychedelic mode, uprooted from a monochrome past and ...

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  8. Daniel Johnston One Off London Show

    Featuring Jeffrey Lewis, Emmy the Great, Norman Blake... News Daniel Johnston ... on his career, comic books and his noted love of the Beatles it's well worth five minutes of your time on a Monday afternoon (or ...

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  9. Warsaw Machines: Nick Yulman

    ... has family history in New York. "My grandmother grew up on the Lower East Side," he tells me. "Her grandfather ran a restaurant on Houston ... that hark back to his first musical experiments learning Beatles songs on guitar as a child. - - - When did you start making ...

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  10. Beatles Re-Masters Hit Vinyl

    ... Full catalogue available News The Beatles are set to release re-mastered versions of their back catalogue on ...

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