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  1. The Dirtbombs Prepare 'Bubblegum Pop' Album

    ... Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey!' News The Dirtbombs are set to release 'bubblegum pop' influenced album 'Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey!' later this year. Blame The Beatles. When the Fab Four hit home, Tin Pan Alley was faced with a clear ...

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  2. Foundations: Glasvegas

    ... substantial impressions, still supporting their craft in the present day. Foundations, if you will. Here, vocalist James Allan of ... Firstly, let me say that the fact I’ve not included any Beatles or John Lennon solo albums is a disgrace. But hey, gimme a break. ...

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  3. Nirvana's First Recording Contract Placed Online

    ... bucks well spent..." News The first recording contract Nirvana signed with Sub Pop has appeared ... undimmed. Kurt Cobain vowed to fuse Black Sabbath with The Beatles, and - by and large - he succeeded. With the band's final album 'In ...

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  4. R.E.M. Hint At Charity Box Set

    ... Resigning with admirable grace, R.E.M. have always refused the notion of a re-union. Therefor fans must placate themselves with 'new' ... "I just liked the idea," he said. "I was never in the Beatles fan club but... I really liked the fact you would get a weird thing in ...

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  5. Talking Sampling With Jaguar Skills

    On the right and wrong way to bump another’s beats… Features ... that really engaged with sampling before hip-hop? I know The Beatles used samples on ‘Yellow Submarine’. But when you take hip-hop ...

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  6. Everything Everything: Live Session And Interview

    ... so far for Manchester act Everything Everything . The four-piece – Mercury Prize nominated for 2010’s debut LP ‘Man ... one could be something more kind of influential like The Beatles… But I don’t think we can decide on a third one.  Alex : ...

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  7. For Sale: John Lennon's Microphone

    The one he used to record 'Imagine'... News A ... an instantly recognisable icon. Renowned for his work with The Beatles, the Liverpool born artist's solo work also retains an enduring place ...

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  8. Paul McCartney Re-Joins Nirvana Members

    ... more unusual news stories. Sir Paul McCartney hooked up with the remaining members of Nirvana, recording a new song in the process. 'Cut ... heroes. Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear joined the Beatles icon for the encore, performing 'Get Back', 'Long Tall Sally' (a song ...

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  9. The Electric Soft Parade - IDIOTS

    ... Reviews It's been more than a decade since the irresistible indie charm of ‘Empty At The End’ briefly made The ... de force which pitches up somewhere between a fevered Beatles obsession and a well-loved pile of Go-Betweens records. Just as ...

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  10. Jay-Z Is Breaking All Kinds Of Records

    ... Carta... Holy Grail' races to number one on both sides of the Atlantic. The return of Jay-Z was expected to be big news. However the ... on the Billboard charts, Jay-Z is only one away from The Beatles' record. 527,000 copies were sold in the first week, easily ...

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