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  1. In Praise Of The Pregap

    The secrets that only your CDs can offer… Features With the music industry still shooting the shit over social media about whether or ... only designed to work one way. Famously used by The Beatles  and Electric Light Orchestra – and rather less famously, ...

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  2. Fashion Round Up: 11/07

    ... to become a male model,” Ringo Starr apparently joked as the new John Varvatos campaign was launched earlier this week, unveiled to the public on The Beatles star’s 74 th birthday. Starr’s black and white campaign – ...

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  3. The Beatles Yellow Submarine By Vans

    ... The skate label takes on the iconic film. Fashion ... played when you were growing up, or even a fan of The Beatles, to appreciate the new collaboration from Vans. The former both ...

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  4. Swan Song: Mac Miller

    ... this Earth of ours. Here, we’ve Mac Miller , the man behind one of 2013’s most-celebrated rap albums, ‘Watching Movies ... What’s the last song you’d want to hear? The Beatles’ ‘A Day In The Life’. What would be your biggest regret? ...

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  5. 7 Of The Best: Gerry Goffin Songs

    ... to be forgotten… Features The role of songwriters in pop music today can be seen as a nefarious job; ... were inspired by the playfulness and rounded appeal of The Beatles, but, unlike the fab four, were not trusted to write their own ...

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  6. The Phoenix Foundation - Bob Lennon John Dylan

    ... group return... Videos Sometimes the classics just get in the way. Sure, every knows that The Beatles were a pretty fantastic group, but therein lies the problem - everyone ...

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  7. Teleman Review The Singles

    ... more... Features Responsible for the really quite excellent album ‘Breakfast’, out last week through Moshi ... catchy. Good work. Obviously a massive love for all things Beatles going on here, and why not!”  - - - Albert ...

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  8. The Flaming Lips Announce 'Sgt. Pepper's...' Tribute Album

    Beatles classic to be covered in its entirety... News ... Club Band' became an almost immediate classic. One of the true artistic high-points of the psychedelic era, it founds The Beatles defiantly shredding their mop top ...

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  9. Cee Lo Green Turned Down 'Happy'

    ... Pop music is littered with tragic mistakes. Take the A&R man who refused to sign The Beatles on the grounds that guitar groups were on their way out. Well, Cee ...

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  10. Sir Paul McCartney Plays Record Breaking Ecuador Show

    ... doesn't have a lot of records left to break. Yet the iconic performer's new South American tour has brought with it another ... above sea level). To mark the occasion, the Ecaudor Beatles Fan Club paired up with local authorities to craft a giant version of ...

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