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  1. Paul McCartney Unveils Immersive Footage

    ... Candlestick Park... News The years pass by but Paul McCartney still seems to find new ... earlier this year, the site of the final concert from The Beatles. There to record the occasion was a team from tech company Jaunt, ...

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  2. Watch: The Flaming Lips Discuss New Beatles Project

    ... Never afraid to salute their influences, The Flaming Lips recently disappeared into the studio to record one of ... Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' is the moment in which The Beatles definitively broke with their pop status in order to create art. ...

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  3. Premiere: Wings - 'Listen To What The Man Said'

    ... From the re-mastered 'Venus And Mars'... Features The ... scoring hit after hit. Yet coming in the shadow of The Beatles, doubters always remained. The band's modern reputation is well overdue ...

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  4. Metronomy - 'The Upsetter'

    The loneliness of the wilderness... Videos Sometimes you just have to ... an acoustic guitar along with us, Oscar has an impressive Beatles repertoire. I also desperately wanted to send some text messages, but ...

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  5. Live Report: Reeperbahn Festival, Germany

    ... of influences carried by ocean currents from all around the world. A wealthy city – the port is the second largest in Europe – the ... sin, avarice and other delightful topics, it’s where The Beatles were de-flowered, turned from five unassuming Scouse teenagers into the ...

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  6. Classic Clash Cover Feature: Foo Fighters

    ... Clash is almost 100 issues young, and to celebrate, the website you’re looking at right now is going to be revisiting some of the ... first band to really bite you seriously? Well, I was a Beatles fanatic when I was a kid, so I had all of The Beatles’ records, and a ...

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  7. The Felice Brothers - Live At Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds

    The Felice Brothers are of the earth, and plough a deep furrow in it... ... into his numbers, trading spots on the microphone in Beatles fashion with bassist Josh Rawson crooning textured harmonies to ...

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  8. Premiere: Jim Noir - 'The Broadway Jets'

    ... lost Jim Noir . A deeply independent artist, the Manchester based songsmith seemed to eschew artistry to focus on rather ... world view to some glorious melodies. At times recalling The Beatles, Clash is able to premiere jangle-tastic new cut 'The Broadway Jets'. ...

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  9. Ron Howard To Direct Beatles Documentary

    ... More than fifty years on from their first release, The Beatles remain an instantly recognisable cultural phenomenon. The ...

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  10. Premiere: North Atlantic Oscillation - August

    New album 'The Third Day' incoming... News North ... enticing. As we say, they're pretty special. New album 'The Third Day' is due to be released on October 6th via their old home of ... building since his childhood introduction to the work of The Beatles. I think the perfect example of this is 'Abbey Road' the second side of ...

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