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  1. John Lydon Supports Royal Wedding

    ... the institution, not the people themselves." The Sex Pistols of course were responsible for 'God Save The Queen', arguably one of ...

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  2. Public Image Limited Confirm New Tour

    ... As John Lydon once said: “My body and mind is the Sex Pistols but my heart and soul is PiL.” Public Image Limited are due to ...

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  3. 50 Greatest Musical Comebacks Pt.1

    ... things do come to those that wait. - - - 48. The Sex Pistols Shamelessly dubbing their 1996 reunion ‘The ...

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  4. Stream: Royal Wedding Mix

    ... Royal Wedding mix from Slumdrum. Opening with The Sex Pistols - an obvious choice, but still a classic - the mix is a dancefloor ...

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  5. Malcolm McLaren Given London Funeral

    ... the history of British pop music. Helping to transform The Sex Pistols into a nation-wide phenomenon the manager then turned to production ...

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  6. Clarks Originals: Adrian Boot Interview

    ... now. What was your impression of them? The Sex Pistols were around, and I photographed them and I found The Clash to be a much ...

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  7. The Antlers Hit London

    ... as the crucible for the punk revolution with shows from The Sex Pistols, The Clash and more. Set to perform 'Burst Apart' in its entirety, ...

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  8. When Sid Was Vicious

    ... images of Sid Vicious alongside archive footage of the Sex Pistols in action. Amongst the photographers who have contributed to the event ...

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  9. Lydon: "Not A Racist"

    Sex Pistols Denies Allegations News Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon has come out fighting after press allegations ...

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  10. Exit Makes Entrance

    ... 2008 looks to be the best event yet with a bill including Sex Pistols and The Hives. Exit began as means of protest against the Milosevic ...

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