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  1. Teenage Riot - Nicky Wire Q&A

    ... about youth culture you see how it all amalgamated - the Sex Pistols with Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood, and in a sense the whole ...

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  2. Malcolm McLaren Given London Funeral

    ... the history of British pop music. Helping to transform The Sex Pistols into a nation-wide phenomenon the manager then turned to production ...

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  3. Wears The Trousers: Roundhouse Rising

    ... got inspired to do music: “It wasn’t until I saw the Sex Pistols… Johnny Rotten couldn’t sing, I couldn’t sing – it made me ...

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  4. Lydon: "Not A Racist"

    Sex Pistols Denies Allegations News Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon has come out fighting after press allegations ...

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  5. John Lydon Supports Royal Wedding

    ... the institution, not the people themselves." The Sex Pistols of course were responsible for 'God Save The Queen', arguably one of ...

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  6. Exit Makes Entrance

    ... 2008 looks to be the best event yet with a bill including Sex Pistols and The Hives. Exit began as means of protest against the Milosevic ...

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  7. Slits Ready New Album

    ... has a distinct punk pedigree being the daughter of The Sex Pistols' Paul Cook. Their third and forthcoming album will be their ...

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  8. New York Dolls To Play London

    ... roots, then. Having staged performances from The Sex Pistols to The Rolling Stones in its time, the 100 Club itself has a ...

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  9. Isle Of Wight Fest Returns

    ... June '09. and has seen the likes of Jimi Hendrix,The Sex Pistols and The Doors grace its stages, rivaled only by Glastonbury in the UK ...

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  10. Rock And Rules: Lemmy

    ... up and listen hard! Features From sex to excess, it’s a miracle that Lemmy has even survived to share his rock ... you’ve got a captive audience. When Motörhead started the Pistols started and The Damned were playing. I remember talking to Brian James ...

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