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  1. John Lydon Bemoans Oasis Split

    ... on survival shows these days, but as the lead singer with Sex Pistols he was responsible for changing the shape of rock 'n' roll. Sure, ...

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  2. Fashion Profile: Molly White And John Dove

    ... and graphics artist Jamie Reid. He continues: “If the Sex Pistols wore our stuff, it’s just that they liked our stuff and because Iggy ...

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  3. Elbow - Live At iTunes Festival 2012

    ... can swing a train, the venue’s original use. “While the Sex Pistols played downstairs,” quips Garvey. And so you see him either clutching ...

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  4. Public Image Ltd

    John Lydon on his post Sex Pistols band Features Musically, John Lydon is better known for fronting legendary British punks The Sex Pistols than he is for Public Image Ltd. He formed the latter in ...

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  5. Pussy Riot: Music World Reacts

    ... figure out what we can do”. Strangely, punk icons The Sex Pistols have been silent on the case. Clash editor Simon Harper spoke to ...

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  6. Malcolm McLaren - Partner Speaks

    ... to blame for death, she says News Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren died due to asbestos in his former shop, ...

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  7. John Lydon vs The National Trust

    ... 'Nevermind The Dovecotes' which suggested a link with The Sex Pistols. John Lydon has worked with the National Trust in the past, even ...

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  8. Blur On Hyde Park Performance

    ... extensive list, and includes such luminaries as David Bowie, Sex Pistols, The Rolling Stones and Kate Bush. The music of each artist was ...

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  9. Slash - Live At HMV Hammersmith Apollo

    ... Save the Queen coda (the national anthem, not the one by the Sex Pistols), ‘Rocket Queen’ and also ‘Paradise City’. Wearing a Sex ...

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  10. UNIQLO Launch UT Grand Prix 2013

    ... of the music world, AC/DC, David Bowie, Madonna, KISS, The Sex Pistols and The Who, and design a t-shirt. A representative of each act ...

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