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  1. Sex Pistols Auction Fake

    ... Comic Sans Font News A 1978 Sex Pistols gig flyer has been removed from auction at Christie's Auction House ...

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  2. Elbow - Live At iTunes Festival 2012

    ... can swing a train, the venue’s original use. “While the Sex Pistols played downstairs,” quips Garvey. And so you see him either clutching ...

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  3. Sex Pistols For Chelsea

    ... Band To Write Club Anthem News Sex Pistols band mates Steve Cook and Paul Jones are apparently writing a new club ...

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  4. The Sex Pistols - Holiday In The Sun

    ... Reviews The 30th anniversary of The Sex Pistols rise to pre-eminence of punk, when a fantastic media campaign ...

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  5. Chaos! Sex Pistols Secret History: The Dave Goodman Story

    ... least, that a documentary charting the rise and fall of the Sex Pistols has little or no involvement whatsoever from its principle subjects. ...

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  6. Pussy Riot: Music World Reacts

    ... figure out what we can do”. Strangely, punk icons The Sex Pistols have been silent on the case. Clash editor Simon Harper spoke to ...

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  7. Blur On Hyde Park Performance

    ... extensive list, and includes such luminaries as David Bowie, Sex Pistols, The Rolling Stones and Kate Bush. The music of each artist was ...

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  8. UNIQLO Launch UT Grand Prix 2013

    ... of the music world, AC/DC, David Bowie, Madonna, KISS, The Sex Pistols and The Who, and design a t-shirt. A representative of each act ...

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  9. John Lydon Rejects Fan Campaign

    ... preparing itself to celebrate the Silver Jubilee, The Sex Pistols went soaring towards number one with their iconoclastic single 'God ...

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  10. Jubilee Playlist

    ... me! Fuck Queen and country!” Joe Rivers The Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen Well this would have to be in there, surely? ...

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