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  1. The Sex Pistols - Holiday In The Sun

    ... Reviews The 30th anniversary of The Sex Pistols rise to pre-eminence of punk, when a fantastic media campaign ...

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  2. Chaos! Sex Pistols Secret History: The Dave Goodman Story

    ... least, that a documentary charting the rise and fall of the Sex Pistols has little or no involvement whatsoever from its principle subjects. ...

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  3. Rock & Rules: Steve Jones

    The Sex Pistols' straight talking guitarist Features Steve Jones is the straight talking guitarist for The Sex Pistols. When he talks, you listen. WORK ON YOUR MUSIC Our album ...

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  4. George Cox Collaborate With Red or Dead

    ... of course went on to cover the feet of The Clash and The Sex Pistols, following its re-discovery by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McClaren ...

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  5. Culture Clash: Hollie Cook

    ... my attention. I just thought they were cool. Plus my dad [Pistols drummer Paul Cook] is in it,  which is highly amusing for me.” ... the last one I read was 50 Shades Of Grey. There was enough sex to keep me interested but even then I need something slightly more ...

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  6. Anarchy In The Cinema

    Sex Pistols Movie Planned News The Sex Pistols plan to commemorate their massive 30th anniversary celebrations ...

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  7. Edwyn Collins Reveals 'Understated' Details

    ... Dexys), David Ruffy (The Ruts, Dexys) and Paul Cook (The Sex Pistols). A video has emerged showing Edwyn Collins at work in the studio. ...

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  8. If I Think: Mudhoney

    ... may not have gone down in history in the same way as the Sex Pistols at Manchester’s Lesser Free Trade Hall, but nonetheless it set the ...

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  9. Clash Magazine 'The Denim Issue'

    ... Lotus, Band Of Horses, John Cale, Lisa Marie Presley, The Sex Pistols and Splashh while our regular features see Tim Burgess, Eugene ...

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  10. John Lydon Rejects Fan Campaign

    ... preparing itself to celebrate the Silver Jubilee, The Sex Pistols went soaring towards number one with their iconoclastic single 'God ...

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