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  1. Ian Brown - Exclusive Uncut Interview

    ... of thing that all the greatest bands had famous managers. Pistols had McLaren, Stones had Lou Golding, Beatles had Epstein and we wanted ... it touches any Beatles album, I don’t think it touches the Sex Pistols album, first Clash album. Yeah. Well I suppose it’s ...

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  2. The Enemy

    ... at the people who influenced Oasis and you find T Rex and Sex Pistols and The Who.” Escape for The Enemy was guitar-shaped. Now set on ...

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  3. Top Ten - Third Albums

    ... Calling’ made punk-rock truly accessible in a way the Sex Pistols never achieved, and gave the genre the shot of intelligence it so ...

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  4. Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown

    ... just sounds embarrassing – he’s like your dad covering a Sex Pistols song down the local boozer’s karaoke night after too many bitter ...

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  5. Ian Brown Interview

    ... couldn’t move for about a week, ruined my big day with the Sex Pistols on the Isle of Wight, I couldn’t enjoy it.” Words by Matthew ...

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  6. The Strokes

    ... and Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos all stroll in. The Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock and Duran Duran front man Simon Le Bon stand watchfully ...

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  7. Rock and Rules - Donovan

    ... girls. Because I’m not a girl, and to be presented as a sex-starlet is a completely different thing and totally manipulative. My ... create it. Maybe you could create a single… Were the Sex Pistols created? Was it an actual fashion item and Vivienne Westwood’s ...

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  8. Malcolm McLaren

    Pistols Svengali Primarily famous as the svengali like manager behind The Sex Pistols, McLaren was also, along with Vivienne Westwood, the proprietor of the famed SEX shop which helped define the Punk look. Other notable music projects from ...

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  9. New York Dolls

    The missing link between the Stones and the Pistols The New York Dolls gave the five-year ... Zero. Hailed as the missing link between the Stones and the Sex Pistols, they railed against overblown rock tedium and, most vitally, were ...

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  10. Noel Gallagher

    ... ‘What was I doing when I was fourteen?’ I was into The Sex Pistols, and I know youth culture moves on and all that, but you’re not ...

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