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  1. Sex Pistols Legal Row

    ... News Iconic punk group Sex Pistols are involved in another legal row after alleging that an ice cream ...

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  2. Watch: Sex Pistols - Holidays In The Sun

    ... New clip emerges... News The Sex Pistols have posted a brand new clip for their classic single 'Holidays In ...

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  3. Sex Pistols To Re-Issue 'Pretty Vacant'

    ... disc... News Next in line in the Sex Pistols reissues is ‘Pretty Vacant’, which is to be released on July 2nd ...

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  4. Exclusive: Ian MacLagan On The Faces Reformation

    ... of charity shows in 2010. Using Mick Hucknall on vocals, Sex Pistols' bass player Glen Matlock replaced Ronnie Lane during the dates which ...

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  5. Sex Pistols Re-Issue 'Anarchy In The UK'

    ... for Record Store Day News The Sex Pistols are set to reissue their debut single ‘Anarchy In The U.K’ as a ...

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  6. Sex Pistols Stream Rarity

    ... it's 'Belsen Was A Gas' News Sex Pistols are streaming an extremely rare version of their notorious track ...

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  7. Sex Pistols Re-Issue 'God Save The Queen'

    ... for 35th anniversary News The Sex Pistols are set to re-issue their classic single 'God Save The Queen' on May ...

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  8. The Denim Issue - The xx - Flying Lotus

    ... Works Local Natives Rock And Rules The Sex Pistols' Steve Jones Stalker Cat Power Royal ...

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  9. Sex Pistols Screenplay Released

    ... The long lost screenplay to a potential film about The Sex Pistols has been found and published online. The Sex Pistols enjoyed ...

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  10. Sex Pistols Sign Up To Band Camp

    ... A member of perhaps Britain's most iconic punk group Sex Pistols will be on hand at a new musical boot camp to put aspiring musicians ...

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