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  1. Mark Jones Interviews Andy McCluskey

    ... that comes into your mind when I say...Who? Andy: Roger Daltrey. Mark: How? Andy: Dole money. Mark: When? Andy: ...

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  2. Quadrophenia

    ... power of Quadrophenia survives, with Townshend and Roger Daltrey recently presenting their stage adaptation, and the former confessing ...

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  3. Clash Film Digest - May 2009

    ... as documented in his film Sounds Like Teen Spirit and Roger Daltrey flouts his gargantuan member in Lisztomania . - - - A ...

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  4. Clash Film Digest - April 2009

    ... the contestants of the Eurovision song contest. And finally, Roger Daltrey stars in surreal relic Lisztomania. ...

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  5. The Who

    ... themselves as masters of the live arena. Members Roger Daltrey , Pete Townsend , Keith Moon , John Entwistle music ...

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  6. Pete Doherty Interview

    ... his bassist...” You’re going to be singing with Roger Daltrey? I believe so, yeah. It’s all come through, just been confirmed ...

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