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  1. Clash Essential 50 - Number 7

    M.I.A., 'Arular' Features The Clash Essential 50 , ... PART NINE PART TEN - - - 7 M.I.A. , ‘Arular’ (2005; XL) M.I.A.’s debut ‘Arular’ was released on a wave of expectation after ...

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  2. MIA Prepares Remix EP

    ... Som Sistema and more... News M.I.A. has released a new download EP featuring remixes from Buraka Som Sistema and more. Let's get this out of the way first: M.I.A.'s year did not go to plan. Returning with her third album, many ...

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  3. Diplo Talks MIA Album

    ... News Grammy nominated world pop star M.I.A. has begun work on her eagerly anticipated new album. M.I.A. is a truly modern star. Born in Sri Lanka she travelled to Britain ...

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  4. MIA Reveals Release Date

    ... News Grammy nominated star M.I.A. has revealed the release date of her new album - on a blimp flown ... single 'Paper Planes' racing high up the Billboard charts, M.I.A. seemed to have conquered the world in the summer of 2008. ...

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  5. MIA Talks Life In LA

    ... soon News Controversial singer M.I.A. has spoken about life as a young mother in Los Angeles. M.I.A.'s life has changed beyond recognition. The singer's new album '/\/\ /\ ...

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  6. MIA Collaborates On New Track

    ... News Sri Lankan born world pop singer M.I.A. has recorded a new track with underground act Sali. M.I.A. just can't stop making music right now. Fresh from completing work on ...

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  7. New York Times Amend MIA Article

    ... a recent controversial article on Sri Lankan born singer M.I.A. . M.I.A. has always surrounded herself in myth, mixing truth and fiction in a ...

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  8. MIA Attacks Lady Gaga Pt. 2

    ... either News World pop star M.I.A. has launched fresh verbal attacks at Lady Gaga and Oprah Winfrey. It's been a week of mixed fortune for M.I.A. New album 'MAYA' was given mixed reviews, following on from a seismic ...

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  9. LC:M: 9 Tracks From AW14

    ...           Bobby Abley mixed Disney with M.I.A. ‘Meds and Feds’.              ‘Listen To Your ...

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  10. MIA Previews New Material

    ... new video News World pop star M.I.A. has stunned fans by previewing new material online with a special new video. M.I.A. is one of the most unique artists on the planet. Fleeing her native ...

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