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  1. Clash's Top Albums Of 2013: 30-21

    ... 9th.  The current issue of Clash magazine features M.I.A. and is good enough to buy .  Best Albums Of ...

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  2. Next Wave #540: Royal Blood

    ... online here .  The new issue of Clash, featuring M.I.A. on the cover, is out now .  Royal Blood ...

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  3. Zed Bias - Boss

    ... - - - - - The new issue of Clash, featuring M.I.A. looking just splendid on the cover, is out now .  ...

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  4. M.I.A. - Bring The Noize

    ... Videos Troubled times for M.I.A. The dis-appointing reaction to third album 'MAYA' was followed by ... and displayed a re-invigorated, re-energised performer. M.I.A. was angry, her rhymes crisp while the production - courtesy of Switch ...

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  5. M.I.A. Documentary Preview Leaks, Is Pulled Offline

    ... News A preview from a forthcoming M.I.A. documentary has leaked online, and then been pulled from the internet. M.I.A. hasn't even released her new album yet and already the headlines are ...

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  6. In Conversation: John Lydon

    ... a wealth of outsiders, much like your man Lydon here, from M.I.A. to Omar Souleyman – go and check it out .  ...

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  7. Run The Jewels - Live At Electric Brixton, London

    ... - - - The new issue of Clash, starring M.I.A., is out now.  Run The Jewels live review ...

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  8. M.I.A. Previews 'Bring The Noize'

    ... aired tonight (June 17th) News M.I.A. has posted a series of previews ahead of new track 'Bring The Noize'. For a while there, it seemed as though M.I.A. had lost her way. Following the underwhelming response to her third ...

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  9. Laurel Halo - Chance Of Rain

    ... - - - The new issue of Clash magazine, featuring M.I.A., is out now and looks like this . Listen to ‘Chance Of ...

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  10. The Weeknd - Live At Manchester Apollo

    ... - - - Words: Grant Brydon The new, M.I.A.-featuring issue of Clash magazine is out now .  ...

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