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  1. Chart Round Up - July 21st

    Dizzee Rascal On Top News The sparring match between Calvin Harris and UK hip hop star Dizzee Rascal sits on top the UK singles chart for the third week in a row, it has been announced. ...

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  2. Radiohead For Frequency

    ... also set to perform alongside Oscar winning world pop star M.I.A. Canadian group Crystal Castles will brush off yet more controversy ...

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  3. Le Tigre On Xtina Team Up

    ... other artists approached for collaborations are Ladytron, M.I.A., Santigold and more. music ...

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  4. Ebony Bones Q & A

    Clash chats to Ms Bones Features If you haven’t heard the name Ebony Bones being banded about, then you’ve either been living under a rock or haven’t actually got ears. An Internet favourite,...

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  5. Santogold

    ... of two of the queens of the modern scene, Bjork and M.I.A., both of whom brought her along to support their shows and helped her ...

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  6. Major Lazer

    The New Lights Of Dancehall Features ClashMusic caught up with Major Lazer at 2009's Notting Hill carnival, watch the video HERE . We also talked to the duo, Diplo and Switch, for issue 40 of Clash...

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  7. RockNess 2009 - The Clash Review

    ... a typically schizophrenic set, gleefully playing around with M.I.A.’s ‘Paper Planes’. A quick visit to the main stage finds ...

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  8. London Fashion Week 2010

    The latest updates Features It's that time of year again. London Fashion Week is one of the most important dates on the fashion calendar, a chance for emerging talent to rub shoulders with iconic...

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  9. Fashion Profile: JCDC

    The subversive Parisian fashion designer Features This is the story of JCDC, the aristocrat who became an underground hero. ...

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  10. Very Best Post New Song

    ... the other guest stars due to appear on the new album is M.I.A. The Sri Lankan singer will join The Very Best, after the group distorted ...

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