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  1. Clash Film Digest - February 2009

    Featuring Watchmen, The Puffy Chair, Wilco and more... Features Every month will be bringing readers a neat digest of the hottest happenings in the film world, based on (and taken from...

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  2. The Very Best

    Radioclit +1 Features If there’s one sure fire way of shutting up some ‘send them home’ true blue Brit it’s to play them some tracks by new London based group The Very Best. Combining the two...

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  3. Radiohead For Frequency

    ... also set to perform alongside Oscar winning world pop star M.I.A. Canadian group Crystal Castles will brush off yet more controversy ...

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  4. Classic Album: The Pixies - Surfer Rosa

    If ‘Doolittle’ is their classic, ‘Surfer Rosa’ is their underground effort. Features Most acclaimed bands have one ‘classic’ record and an ‘underground’ one. In the former category are those that...

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  5. Clash Essential 50 - Number 6

    ... People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’ 7: M.I.A., ‘Arular’ 6: LCD Soundsystem, ‘LCD Soundsystem’ Next ...

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  6. Pop Music's Messiah?

    Santi White a.k.a Santogold Features Can American dwelling singer, songwriter, producer and above all “artist” Santi White a.k.a Santogold truly be the long awaited messiah for pop music? The...

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  7. RockNess 2009 - The Clash Review

    ... a typically schizophrenic set, gleefully playing around with M.I.A.’s ‘Paper Planes’. A quick visit to the main stage finds ...

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  8. Very Best Post New Song

    ... the other guest stars due to appear on the new album is M.I.A. The Sri Lankan singer will join The Very Best, after the group distorted ...

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  9. Chart Round Up - July 21st

    Dizzee Rascal On Top News The sparring match between Calvin Harris and UK hip hop star Dizzee Rascal sits on top the UK singles chart for the third week in a row, it has been announced. ...

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  10. Ebony Bones Q & A

    Clash chats to Ms Bones Features If you haven’t heard the name Ebony Bones being banded about, then you’ve either been living under a rock or haven’t actually got ears. An Internet favourite,...

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