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  • Emerging as a skinhead group from the Midlands, Slade became one of the biggest hit machines in the glam era.

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  1. Listen: Shy Luv - 'Caught Up On You'

    ... and vocalist Ryan Ashley to form new project Shy Luv . Set to release a white label on June 8th, Shy Luv match lush 80s textures to Balaeric beats, a touch of hip hop and more. ...

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  2. Premiere: Love L.U.V. - 'Come See Me'

    ... Him A Great Big Kiss' opens with a simple message: Love L.U.V. It's an appropriate name, then, for a gang of London based ... outlet via Workerbee Records. Due out in March, Love L.U.V. have decided to toast the American release of 'Come See Me' with a new ...

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  3. Premiere: Love L.U.V. - 'Come See Me' EP

    ... experiences. Visceral shocks of electricity, Love L.U.V. match their short, sharp, primal songs to sweet melodies half-inched ... Check it out the EP in full now. Love L.U.V. are due to release new EP 'Come See Me' on December 8th. Buy ...

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  4. Listen: Groove Armada - 'House In Authority' (feat. Thabo)

    ... - 'Stevie Latenight' (Hypercolour) 4. Groove Armada - 'Luv 91' (Hypercolour) 5. Groove Armada - 'Song 4 Nick' (Moda Black) 6. ...

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  5. Listen: The Parrots - 'I'm Not Alone'

    ... of doing whatever the hell they please. Snapped up by Luv Luv Luv, debut EP 'Weed For The Parrots' will be released on June 22nd. New ...

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  6. Get People - Back To Dust

    ... 'Back To Dust' is released on November 19th via Luv Luv Luv Records. Inspired by a road trip to the Black Rock Desert that went ...

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  7. Listen: Violet - 'What You Gave To Me'

    ... Undone / Y.O.U' and, like its predeccesor, is released via Luv Luv Luv Records. It's a mournful lament from young Pixie as she strives to ...

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  8. Picture This: Bella Howard

    ... it, is friends with bands too (plus her sister works at Luv Luv Luv Records, but we think you already got the message). She started ...

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  9. Album Stream: Joey Fourr - 'To The Floorr'

    ... of her though, how could she forget a night like that? Luv Is In The Mornin My cousin likes this song. They are married with one ...

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  10. Premiere: Catholic Action x Poor Things Split Release

    ... (who you might recall from Casual Sex). Opening track 'L.U.V.' is a delightfully off kilter glam stomper, like The Sweet re-imagined ...

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