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  1. Evian Christ: Keeping It Surreal

    ... On the journey from Cheshire to Kanye’s inner circle… Features In 2008, now ... of Tri Angle Records, received an email from Kanye West ’s team at G.O.O.D. Music. They had been listening to ‘Kings And ...

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  2. Kanye West Comments On 'The College Dropout'

    ... News It's been ten years since Kanye West fully announced his arrival to the world. There's an argument ...

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  3. College Dropouts: The Extras On Kanye's Debut

    ... February 2014 marks the 10 th anniversary of Kanye West ’s debut album, ‘The College Dropout’. Where would Yeezy be ...

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  4. Tougher Than Leather Jackets: Elton's Hip-Hop Connections

    ... the music. In 2011 he talked about how the then-new Kanye West  album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ was “genius” – ...

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  5. Win: Signed Evian Christ Vinyl

    ... has swiftly risen to the very top. Produced beats for Kanye West, the producer has also maintained rigorous aesthetic control over his own ...

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  6. Kanye West, OutKast For Wireless

    ... also confirmed... News Kanye West and OutKast are set to play this year's instalment of Wireless. ...

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  7. Kanye West Moves To Halt 'Coinye West'

    ... to see the funny side... News Kanye West has moved to halt the launch of spoof currency 'Coinye West'. ...

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  8. Clash Likes To Score: Ten 21st Century 10/10s

    ... fairly NSFW video here ) - - - Kanye West – ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ (2010) After this ...

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  9. Kanye West Interviewed By Director Steve McQueen

    ... in American public life, barely a day goes by without Kanye West  breaking into the news channels. In his latest move, the rapper ...

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  10. Round Up: Kanye West Legal Battles

    ... One of the most high profile performers on the planet, Kanye West attracts more than his fair share trouble. Spending 2013 in the ...

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