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  1. Jarvis Cocker Backs Independent Music

    ... News Former Pulp icon turned solo star Jarvis Cocker has backed independent music to weather the current financial storm. ...

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  2. Jarvis Cocker Release Date

    ... Albini News Former Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker is due to release his new solo album on May 18th. As lead singer ...

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  3. Jarvis Cocker For Gonzales Show

    ... London residency News Indie icon Jarvis Cocker is set to join cult songwriter Gonzales at his forthcoming London ...

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  4. Jarvis Cocker For Glastonbury

    ... News Former Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker is set for an emotional return to Glastonbury, headlining the John ...

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  5. Jarvis Cocker In Pants Auction

    ... fans able to big on underwear donated by stars such as Jarvis Cocker , Goldfrapp and more. The new event has been organised to raise ...

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  6. Jarvis Cocker Talks Art

    ... a 'Cultural Ambassador' News Jarvis Cocker said more people should go to galleries to see original pieces of art, ...

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  7. Jarvis Cocker: Pulp Could Reform

    ... For Glastonbury show... News Jarvis Cocker has claimed in a new interview that Britpop icons Pulp could reform ...

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  8. Jarvis Cocker Charity Show

    ... Former Pulp frontman and all round musical hero Jarvis Cocker played his first ever acoustic headline slot in Manchester yesterday ...

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  9. Jarvis Cocker Gives Lecture

    ... Former Pulp frontman and full time English wit Jarvis Cocker has given a lecture on lyric writing to a packed crowd at the SXSW ...

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  10. Jarvis Cocker, Johnny Marr Support Pussy Riot

    ... of The Times, the letter is supported by Johnny Marr, Jarvis Cocker, Pet Shop Boys' singer Neil Tennant and more. Read it below. - - ...

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