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  1. Ricardo Villalobos

    At the vanguard of club culture Features Ricardo Villalobos is ... acquainted with the ivories, we may have had another Jools Holland on our hands rather than the electronic don that greets us today. ... he’ll wriggle the beat and divert your gaze over to house. Then just when you think it constitutes house, he knifes the euphoric ...

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  2. Classic Album: Miles Davis - Bitches Brew

    ... Features Jazz had long stood at the forefront of groundbreaking music: pushing new ideas into popular culture, worshipping ... ‘All Things Must Pass’ - George Harrison ‘Fun House’ - The Stooges ‘Workingman’s Dead’ - The Grateful Dead ...

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  3. Culture Clash Extra: The Thermals

    ... pret-ty good. Not only are the songs filled with some of our smartest lyrics and sweetest melodies, but the recording is, for us, ... and ran the whole label and recording studio out of his house with his whole family working there. On the other hand, I have an ...

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  4. End Of Year Words

    ... have picked up our latest issue and seen our Top 40 Albums of 2008. Good, eh? We think so. For those that don’t like to leave the house to visit the newsagents – fret not, we’ll be running the 40 as a list ...

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  5. The Flaming Lips Interview

    ... in the restaurant’s special meal deal. In the space of just a few moments which have lived with him since, the young Wayne was ... clothing symbolised communist infiltration, the Oklahoman House of Representatives refused to confirm the choice. One member Corey ...

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  6. Marianne Faithfull Interview

    ... Features Over the course of her 45-year career, Marianne Faithfull has led many lives. From virtuous to ... Richards’ Sussex estate, Redlands, the police raided the house and arrested all present. As the only girl in the group, Marianne was ...

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  7. Bomb The Bass Album Preview

    ... Videos On the twenty first anniversary of the release of Bomb The Bass' seminal dance single 'Beat Dis', Clash is ... in '87, it was the tune to define an era of sampling, acid house and DJing style. It was such a groundbreaking junction in smapling ...

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  8. Seasick Steve

    ... Wold, this American hobo come bluesman have travelled most of his life, playing his own unique dog house music along the way. An appearance on Jools Holland propelled him to semi ...

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  9. Little Boots

    ... learned to play the flute and harp to add to her collection of talents, and on leaving at 13 to go to high school her desire for a career ... was born. In August 2007, she returned to her parent’s house and began recording her own work, remaining in contact with Kurstin for ...

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