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  1. London Calling - Amsterdam Paradiso

    ... in Amsterdam... Reviews A lot of people don't know that on the 30th of April the Dutch hold a nationwide ... with Leeds four-piece Pulled Apart By Horses , and the house erupts. People are jumping everywhere, orange (Holland's colour of choice ...

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  2. Liam Finn Tours UK

    ... News Liam Finn has announced a string of dates throughout the UK in December. The singer-songwriter has had a ... songwriting ability - his pa being one Neill Finn of Crowded House. Finn and his live accomplice Eliza Jane Barnes create stirring, ...

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  3. Top Ten - Opening Lines

    ... know how important a good opening line is, here are a few of Clash's favourites: The Stone Roses Elephant Stone ... the roundly criticised Second Coming. Me? I loved it. House of Pain Jump Around “Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin” ...

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  4. The Klaxons

    ... now, he’d literally need a lightsaber to fend off the army of fluoro crazed kids mobbing him for the latest fashion accessory. ... all of which were last seen during the heady days of acid house. To add to that they’ve turned a joke phrase into a global phenomenon ...

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  5. Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest

    ... third album from Brooklyn quartet Grizzly Bear is one of the most organic-sounding releases you’ll hear in 2009. Never hurried, ... Bear LP, a natural evolution from the acclaimed ‘Yellow Houseof 2006, and the first to feature all four members operating at the ...

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  6. The Road To The Big Chill

    ... Chill 2010 hub page 0 days to go! Video of the Day Husky Rescue - New Light Of Tomorrow ... transformed nearly two decades ago into the ultimate acid house muse: Bobby Gillespie." Read our full interview with Andrew Weatehrall ...

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  7. Personality Clash: Murray Lightburn vs. Martha Wainwright

    ... Features Both hail from Montreal, the city of saints. When Clash brought the two together, they had a lot to catch up on. ... was good in Montreal and my mother decided to buy a big house, but I’m sure they wanted us out of the neighbourhood. ML: ...

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  8. Evolution Festival

    ... are flowing through the city via an airborne concoction of anticipation and excitement (and brown ale, for good measure). Their beloved ... stage will start later and now finish with a booming disco house set from Brodinski . I can deal with that. Unfortunately, the ...

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  9. Classic Album: Miles Davis - Bitches Brew

    ... Features Jazz had long stood at the forefront of groundbreaking music: pushing new ideas into popular culture, worshipping ... ‘All Things Must Pass’ - George Harrison ‘Fun House’ - The Stooges ‘Workingman’s Dead’ - The Grateful Dead ...

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  10. Ricardo Villalobos

    At the vanguard of club culture Features Ricardo Villalobos is ... acquainted with the ivories, we may have had another Jools Holland on our hands rather than the electronic don that greets us today. ... he’ll wriggle the beat and divert your gaze over to house. Then just when you think it constitutes house, he knifes the euphoric ...

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