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  1. Grizzly Bear Interview

    ... for sure,” says Chris Taylor, bassist and producer of their two ‘full-band’ records – the latest, ‘Veckatimest’, is out ... foursome’s second LP, 2006’s sublime ‘Yellow House’, and this year’s third, recorded in relative isolation in Cape Cod, ...

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  2. Clash Road Trip: Delta Blues Museum

    ... Maie Smith Features In search of the roots of rock and roll, Clash embarked on a pilgrimage across America ... them out to the Stovall Plantation, where Muddy Waters’ house was, and while they were there, they took a piece of wood from Muddy ...

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  3. by:Larm 2011

    ... “They say that New York City’s cold this time of year” sings Little Hands’ of Asphalt ’s frontman, resplendent in a ... good thoughts. Over to the pictureseque old picture house the Parkteatren , which isn’t on the regular venue list due to being ...

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  4. London Calling - Amsterdam Paradiso

    ... in Amsterdam... Reviews A lot of people don't know that on the 30th of April the Dutch hold a nationwide ... with Leeds four-piece Pulled Apart By Horses , and the house erupts. People are jumping everywhere, orange (Holland's colour of choice ...

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  5. Liam Finn Tours UK

    ... News Liam Finn has announced a string of dates throughout the UK in December. The singer-songwriter has had a ... songwriting ability - his pa being one Neill Finn of Crowded House. Finn and his live accomplice Eliza Jane Barnes create stirring, ...

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  6. Kings Of Leon Interview

    ... Sundown' (read our review HERE ) give fans another blast of the Followill's brand of Southern Rock'n'Roll, the band went on record to ... it as “come around sundown;” like “come over my house at sundown.” I don’t see it as that. I see it as like “come around ...

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  7. Top Ten - Opening Lines

    ... know how important a good opening line is, here are a few of Clash's favourites: The Stone Roses Elephant Stone ... the roundly criticised Second Coming. Me? I loved it. House of Pain Jump Around “Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin” ...

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  8. Martyn Interview

    ... take on modern bass music having made him a regular darling of the trend press for the last few years. After considerable time in the ... night in Room 1 (Fabric) you’re hearing techno and tech house. I kept it four to the floor but as long as you keep the tempo, you can ...

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  9. The Klaxons

    ... now, he’d literally need a lightsaber to fend off the army of fluoro crazed kids mobbing him for the latest fashion accessory. ... all of which were last seen during the heady days of acid house. To add to that they’ve turned a joke phrase into a global phenomenon ...

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  10. Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest

    ... third album from Brooklyn quartet Grizzly Bear is one of the most organic-sounding releases you’ll hear in 2009. Never hurried, ... Bear LP, a natural evolution from the acclaimed ‘Yellow Houseof 2006, and the first to feature all four members operating at the ...

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