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  1. The next 10 years in Music

    ... Collective, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Dirty Projectors or Grizzly Bear, that sort of wave of folks, they will spawn imitators, they will be ...

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  2. Clash Live Sunday Sessions - November 2008

    ... spark fades almost instantly, as Daniel Rossen – also of Grizzly Bear – snaps a string. The duo struggle through two further numbers but with ...

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  3. Dirty Projectors

    ... forever trying to recreate a moment. Recorded with Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor, Longstreth’s deep, intense music is transposed onto ...

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  4. Seabear

    ... then a German label called Tomlab released a 7” of me and Grizzly Bear. After that, they asked me to open one of their shows in Berlin. I really ...

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  5. Cross Section Download Album 2010

    ... the plaid enthusiasts. But it’s not another Fleet Foxes/Grizzly Bear rip-off, for there’s something a lot more brooding and mysterious about ...

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  6. Cross Section Album Download April

    ... with the same extra-large spoon as Brooklynites Yeasayer and Grizzly Bear, leaving the significance of the lyrics (“I'm lost in this riot / This ...

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  7. Top 40 Albums of 2009 pt.3

    ... and sounds within. In this post-Fleet Foxes boom, where Grizzly Bear have thrived, these Monsters stand out from the folk crowd - their name ...

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  8. Copy Haho Tour Diary

    ... impressive hugging (on their part, we got crushed in their grizzly bear grip) there’s just enough time for a little dance before they have to ...

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  9. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

    ... Brooklyn’s finest including Chris Taylor and Christopher Bear of Grizzly Bear, and his ultra champion, Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio, MBAR has ...

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  10. Department Of Eagles

    ... who chose different career paths (one went on to form Grizzly Bear, the other became a publications editor) however since they reunited, ...

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