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  1. Lightspeed Champion For Latitude

    ... with a number of other up and coming talents including Florence Welch. Snapped up by Domino Records, Lightspeed Champion released his ...

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  2. Little Boots UK Tour

    ... of Little Boots drunkenly kissing fellow electro vixen Florence Welch. Stung by allegations she was bisexual, the singer issued a statement ...

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  3. Cherish Kaya On Ipso Facto Split

    ... Kaya. Since leaving the band Cherish Kaya has joined Florence And The Machine. Lead singer Florence Welch worked with Johnny Borrell , while the group themselves recently ...

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  4. Tamaryn Live

    ... line of fantastic odd front women but now this equates to Florence Welch, odd only for not wearing fake tan. Tamaryn channels the very best of ...

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  5. Cross Section Download Album - September

    ... (Sacred Bones) Imagine what Florence Welch would sound like if she was actually as weird as she makes out and not ...

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  6. Jamie T Debuts New Tracks

    ... album. Much rumours surround the new material with Florence Welch apparently set to duet with the singer. Jamie T is scheduled to ...

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  7. Relentless Energy Session: November

    ... talent, she could easily repeat the success of someone like Florence Welch. Crippled Black Phoenix are such an epic supergroup, they ...

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  8. Jamie T Returns

    ... finishing touches to his second album. According to report Florence Welch is due to appear on the album, which has been named 'Kings And Queens'. ...

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  9. Bestival - The Bands

    ... that Kanye is definitely on to something. Florence and the Machine For Bestival’s benefit she traded in the black batwing leotards for a spacey green jumpsuit but Florence Welch wasn’t going to remit an ounce of melodrama for anyone. Parading, ...

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  10. Noel Gallagher Praises Lily Allen

    ... a sizzling set at Glastonbury this summer rival popster Florence Welch proclaimed Allen to be "hot". Lily Allen is set to perform at T ...

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