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  • Dave.i.d, a 26-year-old from South East London, is a Tricky, an Aphex Twin, of a modern electronic recording artist.

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  1. This Is Not An Exercise - Steve Reich Interview

    ... is rife with rumour, and with an ongoing war in the Middle East, people wanted answers. They called for their government to offer ... Listening to him speak in an animated and accelerated fashion, he is worlds away from the soft-cotton-wearing fatherly figure ...

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  2. Style Clash: Gogol Bordello

    Eugene Hutz talks anarchic fashion style Features Eugene Hutz is the lead-singer ... Gogol Bordello are a gypsy punk band from the Lower East Side of New York City. The name originates from the Ukrainian writer, ...

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  3. The Road To Lovebox 2011

    ... July, without hearing a mention of Lovebox. Headlining the East London inner city festival are The Wombats, Scissor Sisters and Snoop ... Read an interview with Blondie's Debbie Harry about her fashion and style influences. "Hands up who loves a singing drummer! We ...

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  4. Watch: Rowdy Superstar - Behind The Scenes

    ... escapes categorisation. With his inventive approach to fashion and ground breaking beats - thanks in part to producer Matthew Herbert ... on April 16th, Rowdy Superstar is due to perform at 93 Feet East as part of the Record Store Day celebrations. Joining the party will be ...

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  5. Smiley Culture Dies In Police Raid

    ... inventive toasting made him a cult figure. Signing to Fashion Records in the early 80s, hits such as 'Cockney Translation' were vital ... organised crime command attended a residential address in east Surrey to carry out an arrest warrant. "While they were at the ...

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  6. Dave i.d.

    ... Dave.i.d, a 26-year-old from South East London, is a Tricky, an Aphex Twin, of a modern electronic recording ... a guitar, a synthesizer and the latest digital technology to fashion a series of songs that are elaborate yet somehow succinct, murky and ...

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  7. Lovebox 2011 - Snoop Dogg

    ... her lyrical prowess: she was way ahead of the curve in fashion, female empowerment and politics back in '92 - and it's an indictment ... black face because you will be seeing it again. I'm back in East London any fucking time you like. Peace, love and soul. Make a sound for ...

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  8. Lee Cooper

    ... century is a long time by any standards but in the world of fashion, surviving 100 years earns you more than a telegram from the Queen, it ... map. Founded in 1908 by Morris Cooper in London’s East End, Lee Cooper was originally known by the slightly less jaunty label ...

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  9. The Road To The Big Chill

    ... with Martyn "Clash took Ganglians to a disused East End massage parlour for an intimate shoot and chat about the fundamental nature of ‘being’ and sunsets on acid." View our fashion shoot with Ganglians 9 days to go! Video of the Day ...

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  10. Levi's relaunch party

    ... booze and a bloody good soundtrack to boot. Indeed, London's fashion pack were out in full bloom: the place was awash with floral fever and ... channelled the double denim and leather look, and East London hip-hop boys wore their Hi-Tops with pride. This was like London ...

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