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  • Lopazz
    You probably best know Lopazz for the quality, avant-garde club music he’s produced for labels like Get Physical, Cocoon

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  1. Shadow Dancer

    ... Red Ridings series). It stars Andrea Riseborough as Colette, a single mother from a family of IRA activists who is arrested as part ...

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  2. 2:54 Unveil Single, Tour Dates

    ... of tour dates. It's been a big year for 2:54. Hannah and Colette Thurlow released their debut album this summer, winning a host of ...

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  3. Open Season

    ... with the likes of London’s Dover Street Market and Colette in Paris. Outposts in Tokyo and LA followed, as did a slew of ...

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  4. Watch: 2:54 - Scarlet

    ... the mix, 'Scarlet' is another confident step forwards from Colette and Hannah Thurlow. Hooking up with renowned Danish director Jeppe, ...

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  5. David Shaw: Guide To Paris

    ... Favourite Parisian record shop? Born Bad Records. Colette, Clément Vaché, in charge of the selection does a great job! ...

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  6. Favours For Sailors Tour Diary

    ... Père Lachaise cemetery on our way to the venue. Chopin, Colette and doomed medieval lovers Heloise and Abelard are all buried here, as ...

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  7. Lopazz

    ... a limited edition Japanese release by French fashion label Colette, and its success led to Lopazz remixing Germany’s biggest pop act – ...

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  8. Personality Clash: Headman vs Trevor Jackson

    ... a track has appeared on a Gigolo compilation and also a Colette compilation. There's the Post No Bills Project, which debuts on the ...

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