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  1. Springsteen Gig Controversy

    ... American singer and all round man of the people Bruce Springsteen could have broken the law at a recent show in New Jersey. ...

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  2. Jake Clemons Joins The E Street Band

    Springsteen tour shapes up News Bruce Springsteen has announced that Jake Clemons is set to join the E Street ... three decades, playing on countless hit records. With Bruce Springsteen planning to head back out on the road, the frontman was ...

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  3. Bushmills Live 2013 - Live At Bushmills Distillery, County Antrim

    ... a compelling form of musical alchemy, fusing E Street era Bruce Springsteen with soulful Stevie Wonder. Judging by the response he gets ...

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  4. Springsteen Joined By Brandon Flowers

    ... News Legendary American songwriter Bruce Springsteen has been joined by The Killers' Brandon Flowers onstage in the ...

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  5. Springsteen Covers The Clash

    ... News Iconic American songwriter Bruce Springsteen covered The Clash during his storming set at Hard Rock Calling. ...

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  6. Springsteen Named In Divorce Case

    ... songwriter, activist and all round man of the people Bruce Springsteen has been named in court papers filed in an American divorce case. ...

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  7. Springsteen Exhibition Opens

    ... One of America's most enduring and popular artists Bruce Springsteen is to have his career immortalised in a new exhibition. The ...

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  8. Springsteen Publishes Clarence Clemons Eulogy

    ... Read the text now... News Bruce Springsteen has published the eulogy he gave at the funeral of Clarence ...

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  9. Springsteen Album Preview

    ... News Legendary American musician Bruce Springsteen is set to preview his new album 'Working On A Dream' with a free ...

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  10. Springsteen Denies Affair

    ... News Iconic American songwriter Bruce Springsteen has denied having an affair, after being named in a New Jersey ...

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