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  1. Hyde Park Pull Plug On Springsteen, McCartney

    ... Calling have come under fire after pulling the plug on Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney . Hyde Park is coming under increased ...

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  2. Singles Round Up - November 12th

    ... to mimic the aforementioned act. However, when they pick out Bruce Springsteen's name, the band end up sounding like none other than Bon Jovi in ...

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  3. Bruce Springsteen New Album Details

    ... iTunes link News New details of Bruce Springsteen's new album may have emerged via an iTunes listing. The past ...

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  4. Bruce Springsteen Slated

    ... Steve Van Zandt has revealed that he originally slated Bruce Springsteen's classic album 'Born To Run'. Released in 1975, 'Born To ...

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  5. Shelf Life: Diverse Music

    ... you need a hook, whether that’s mail order, a coffee shop, Bruce Springsteen or being the oldest in the world, you can’t just rely on people ...

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  6. Jay-Z Appears In Obama Clip

    ... years ago, backed by numerous globally recognised stars. Bruce Springsteen famously accompanied the politician on the campaign trail, with ...

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  7. Track of the Day 30/6 - The Gaslight Anthem

    ... the seal of approval from a certain artist by the name of Bruce Springsteen, who the New Jersey foursome were joined by during their set at the ...

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  8. Camera Obscura - The Sweetest Thing

    ... of ages past. The b-side to the single is a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s Tougher Than The Rest and the video… well the video looks ...

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  9. Track Of The Day 4/2 - Anna Calvi

    ... News For a new female artist, being compared to Bruce Springsteen would probably be considered the kiss of death. After all, ...

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  10. Track Of The Day 2/5 - Anna Calvi

    ... back in February, the singer seemed to match the bombast of Bruce Springsteen with something rather more personal. Taken from the album, ...

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