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  1. Graham Parker Reviews The Singles

    ... praise from everyone Elvis Costello to Paul Weller and even Bruce Springsteen. Re-united with friends and former band mates, Graham Parker & ...

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  2. Listen: Sunset Sons - 'Medicine'

    ... side to the band with Sunset Sons recalling the might of Bruce Springsteen. Check it out below. Buy Clash Magazine ...

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  3. Listen: Dawn Landes - 'Atlantic City'

    ... ‘Atlantic City’. Originally written and recorded by Bruce Springsteen for his spectacularly sparse ‘Nebraska’ full length, it’s ...

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  4. Acollective - 'BreakApart'

    ... Beck, Elton John, Kiss, Sia, Nirvana, The Doors, Chet Baker, Bruce Springsteen, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Elvis, Pantera, Metallica, Alice Cooper, ...

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  5. Next Wave #614: Port Isla

    ... influences that range from The Weeknd  to Bruce Springsteen , as well as attracting comparisons to the likes of Fleet ...

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  6. Bruce Springsteen Box Set Incoming

    ... Well, you could do worse than this lavish new Bruce Springsteen box set. Replenished and re-packaged, 'Bruce Springsteen: The ...

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  7. Neil Young Files For Divorce

    ... has in the past featured performances from Arcade Fire, Bruce Springsteen and more. As Rolling Stone note, Pegi Young was due ...

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  8. The Gaslight Anthem - Rollin' And Tumblin'

    ... is a powerful, stirring return, sitting somewhere in between Bruce Springsteen's righteous passion and The White Stripes' frenzied attack. And ...

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  9. Spotlight: Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A.

    ... in 1981 and recorded a year later as a demo for Bruce Springsteen ’s dark, acoustic solo record, ‘Nebraska’ – was ...

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  10. Quote Of The Day: Bruce Springsteen On Luis Suarez

    ... did the obvious thing, of course - they tracked down Bruce Springsteen to ask The Boss his opinion. Seemingly stopped in the ...

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