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  1. Spotlight: Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A.

    ... in 1981 and recorded a year later as a demo for Bruce Springsteen ’s dark, acoustic solo record, ‘Nebraska’ – was ...

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  2. Quote Of The Day: Bruce Springsteen On Luis Suarez

    ... did the obvious thing, of course - they tracked down Bruce Springsteen to ask The Boss his opinion. Seemingly stopped in the ...

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  3. Bruce Springsteen Joins The Rolling Stones Onstage

    ... that their paths haven't crossed before. Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones represent some of the ...

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  4. In Conversation: Sharon Van Etten

    ... The U.S.A.’ ( here! ). Growing up in New Jersey, is Bruce Springsteen basically a saint to you? He is really amazing. He wrote ...

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  5. Vampire Weekend And Chromeo's Guide To Love, Part 3

    ... People have always talked about ‘Born In The USA’, Bruce Springsteen ’s classic album; when he changed his production aesthetic, ...

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  6. Out Now: Lana Del Rey And The American Dream

    ... The Gemini , YC The Cynic , Mastodon ,  Bruce Springsteen , and other new musical heroes, translate the Dream ...

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  7. Listen: Perfect Pussy Cover Bruce Springsteen

    ... Pussy were invited by Rookie to take part in a new Bruce Springsteen tribute album, and have responded with something special. ...

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  8. Tom Williams & The Boat - Easy Fantastic (+ Album Stream, Track-By-Track Guide)

    ... influenced by our adoration of ‘Philadelphia’ by Bruce Springsteen – my first memory of The Boss in a childhood raised on a ...

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  9. Premiere: Lonely The Brave - Streets Of Philadelphia

    ... cover version from the four piece. Originally penned by Bruce Springsteen, 'Streets Of Philadelphia' is a sombre, moving track with a ...

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  10. James Bay Opens His Sketchbook

    ... those trains and buses and writing my first EP. 4. 'Springsteen' I find myself drawing the most when I'm in transit, waiting ... my hands and a bit of a restless mind. This is a sketch of Bruce Springsteen from his coolest era - somewhere amongst his first three ...

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