Change can be a good thing...

On first listening you might check the artist a few times to make sure you downloaded the right thing, but honest, it’s Zero 7.

Although only a subsonic beat every now again would tell you that in the beginning, slowly but surely it becomes as synonymous with the eclectic dance duo as their being featured on art programmes seems to be. The understated easiness of ‘Swing’ blending into the hyped up vibe of ‘Everything Up’ sums up the nature of the album, flipping between happy folksy chill to a darker bassline.

Featuring snappy single ‘Medicine Man’, the album is full of contrasts, the soulful and sorrowful vocals on final track ‘the Road’ lulling you into a strange pensive feel that only Zero 7 are capable of instilling. Completely different from their usual, but still on world class form.


Words by Sophie Craik

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