Defying their bookish image

Coming across like three decidedly uncool geography teachers, The Young Knives defy their bookish image by blasting out the freshest agitated pop, inspired by the ennui of British suburbia.

Tweed has never been so rocking. Henry Dartnall, Oliver Askew and the curiously monikered House Of Lords have created an irresistible debut of charging rhythms, frantic cries and observational songwriting that at once evokes a classic English influence(think Kinks/Pulp) while dragging you onto the dancefloor to shake off those everyday blues. The relentless shards of guitar downstrokes slice through Henry’s defiant yet vulnerable screams, which teach without preaching;“What I feel is not important”, he sings in ‘Weekends And Bleak Days’. ‘Tailors’ is a gorgeous folky refrain and a chance for a breather in an enjoyably full-on assault, but also an opportunity to hear the close harmonies of the trio in maximum impact. Highly recommended, and one for geography teachers everywhere.

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