Berlin Film Festival winner

Yella (TBC)
Director: Christian Petzold
Released: September 21
(Artificial Eye)

Described by its creator as depicting a “state of mental suspension”, Yella has already garnered awards at the Berlin Film Festival. A complex drama narrated in a raw style, Yella focuses on a young woman trying to escape the dregs of Eastern Germany and her abusive husband to the prosperous view she holds of the West. After a car accident, Yella discovers that her job no longer exists. Alone, and haunted by the ghosts of her past, Yella seeks comfort in the arms of Philipp, a cut throat financial negotiator. However, Yella appears trapped in a world that is merely a shiny replica of the life she so desperately tried to escape. Cold and stark, Yella might leave some audiences feeling untouched, but this detached style of cinema works well in creating a feeling of loneliness and emptiness as felt by the characters, while simultaneously emphasising the split that still exists between East and West.

Katy Gaspar

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